What is the correct spelling for DLOWN?

If you're wondering about the correct suggestions for the misspelling "dlown", you might be searching for the word "drown". This common error can be rectified by using autocorrect or proofreading your text. Remember to double-check your spellings before finalizing any written piece to ensure precision and clarity.

Correct spellings for DLOWN

  • blown The wind had blown so hard that the trees had fallen over.
  • clown The clown was amused by the children's laughter.
  • dawn I wake up before dawn to start my daily exercise routine.
  • Deon Deon is a talented musician who writes beautiful songs.
  • Dion There's a Dion on the radio.
  • disown I cannot disown my son.
  • don I don't think I can don this dress, it's too small.
  • Donn Donn is a nice name.
  • down He put the heavy box down on the ground.
  • downy The little duckling's feathers were soft and downy.
  • drawn The curtains were partially drawn, allowing for some sunlight to enter the room.
  • drown I am so afraid to drown in the ocean.
  • Flown I have flown to many different countries in my lifetime.
  • lawn I love to lay on the soft green lawn and watch the clouds drift by.
  • loan He applied for a loan to buy a car.
  • loin Usually, the loin is the most tender meat on a cow.
  • Lon My uncle Lon lives in that big old house on the bluffs.
  • loon The loon called out mournfully across the lake.
  • lorn I'm so lorn when I can't call you.
  • Sloan I am a Sloan graduate.
  • town Nottingham is a town in England.