What is the correct spelling for DNTHE?

If you've typed "dnthe" instead of something else, fear not! Autocorrect might have failed, but here are some potential replacements: "either", "don't", "dine" or "done". These alternatives retain the intention you had in mind while rectifying the unintended typo. Proofreading always comes in handy!

Correct spellings for DNTHE

  • anther The anther, located on the tip of the stamen, contains the pollen grains needed for fertilization.
  • dante Dante's Inferno is one of the world's most famous literary works.
  • dither
  • Doth John seems to be feeling a bit dizzy from the Doth cocktail he had prior to the party.
  • nth In mathematics, the nth root of a number is the number whose root is the nth power of the number under consideration
  • tithe Some Christians tithe 10% of their income to their church.