What is the correct spelling for DOAGHTERS?

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Correct spellings for DOAGHTERS

  • daughter Let me be the daughter ! Brainiacs Daughter Made me a suit of bricks and mortar – Brainiacs Daughter by XTC
  • Daughters Are you not my children, my daughters, my only joy? Blood fills the rows where fathers once held their ponytailed daughters And no one seems to notice the unbelievable slaughters – Gypsies Dance Pt.2 by manticora
  • deters 23,24-Dihydrocucurbitacin F from Helmseya amabilis :35 25-Acetoxy-23,24-dihydrocucurbitacin F from Helmseya amabilis (hemslecin A) :36 23,24-Dihydrocucurbitacin F glucoside from Helmseya amabilis :40 Cucurbitacin II glucoside from Helmseya amabilis :41 Hexanorcucurbitacin F from Elaeocarpus dolichostylus :43 Perseapicroside A from Persea mexicana :44 Scandenoside R9 from Hemsleya panacis-scandens :45 15-Oxo-cucurbitacin F from Cowania mexicana :46 15-oxo-23,24-dihydrocucurbitacin F from Cowania mexicana :47 Datiscosides B, D, and H, from Datisca glomerata :48–50 Cucurbitacin G Cucurbitacin G from roots of Wilbrandia ebracteata :52 3-Epi-isocucurbitacin G, from roots of Wilbrandia ebracteata :54 Cucurbitacin H Cucurbitacin H, stereoisomer of cucurbitacin G, from roots of Wilbrandia ebracteata :53 Cucurbitacin I Cucurbitacin I (elatericin B) from Hemsleya endecaphylla, 10 mg/72 g,:7 also from Ecballium elaterium, Citrullus colocynthis, Cucurbita andreana, deters feeding by flea beetle :55 Hexanorcucurbitacin I from Ecballium elaterium :56 23,24-Dihydrocucurbitacin I see Cucurbitacin L Khekadaengosides D and K from the fruits of Trichosanthes tricuspidata :57,58 11-Deoxocucurbitacin I, from Desfontainia spinosa :59 Spinosides A and B, from Desfontainia spinosa :61,62 23,24-dihydro-11-Deoxocucurbitacin I from Desfontainia spinosa :60 Cucurbitacin J Cucurbitacin J from Iberis amara :69 Cucurbitacin J 2-O-β-glucopyranoside from Trichosanthes tricuspidata :71 Cucurbitacin K Cucurbitacin K, stereoisomer of cucurbitacin J,:2 from Iberis amara :70 Cucurbitacin K 2-O-β-glucopyranoside from Trichosanthes tricuspidata :72 Cucurbitacin L Cucurbitacin L, or 23,24-dihydrocucurbitacin I,:63 :1 Brydioside A from Bryonia dioica :64 Bryoamaride from Bryonia dioica :65 25-O-Acetylbryoamaride from Trichosanthes tricuspidata :66 Khekadaengosides A and B from Trichosanthes tricuspidata :67–68 Cucurbitacin O Cucurbitacin O from Brandegea bigelovii :73 Cucurbitacin Q 2-O-glucoside, from Picrorhiza kurrooa :76 16-Deoxy-D-16-hexanorcucurbitacin O from Ecballium elaterium :77 Deacetylpicracin from Picrorhiza scrophulariaeflora :78 Deacetylpicracin 2-O-glucoside from Picrorhiza scrophulariaeflora :80 22-Deoxocucurbitacin O from Wilbrandia ebracteata :83 Cucurbitacin P Cucurbitacin P from Brandegea bigelovii :74 Picracin from Picrorhiza scrophulariaeflora :79 Picracin 2-O-glucoside from Picrorhiza scrophulariaeflora :79 Cucurbitacin Q Cucurbitacin Q from Brandegea bigelovii :75 23,24-Dihydrodeacetylpicracin 2-O-glucoside from Picrorhiza kurrooa :82 Cucurbitacin Q1 from Cucumis species, actually Cucurbitacin F 25-acetate Cucurbitacin R Cucurbitacin R is actually 23,24-dihydrocucurbitacin D.
  • dates If there be two wills of different dates , which will stand?
  • DOTES Ply dotes on Miss Scatcherd, although she's forty-seven.
  • TATERS Las' night"-and here Merrivale bent close to Nella-Rose-"my hen coop was 'tarnally gone through, an' a bag o' taters lifted.
  • darters Nearly all the Cabinet ladies are here to- day and a good many Senators' wives and darters .
  • doters
  • dodgers And we had fried chicken, and corn-dodgers, and prune somethin'-'r-other.
  • doughtier

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