What is the correct spelling for DOANER?

If you're frequently misspelling "doaner", fear not, as there are possible correct suggestions! It could be "donor", referring to someone who contributes or gives. Alternatively, it might be "doxer", though this term has negative connotations and refers to someone revealing personal information. Double-check your context to ensure accurate spelling!

Correct spellings for DOANER

  • Donner I will donate the extra clothes to the local Donner Center.
  • Downer After hearing about the cancellation of her favorite TV show, she couldn't help but feel a bit downer.
  • Loaner I am borrowing my friend's car while mine is in the shop, so he gave me a loaner vehicle to use in the meantime.
  • Moaner The moaner in the neighboring apartment keeps me up at night with their constant complaining.