What is the correct spelling for DOANTED?

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Correct spellings for DOANTED

  • canted The obtuse angle of this file is five-canted, while the regular cant is hexagon or six-canted, and it is found to be too obtuse for the purposes required of the saw file.
  • dante The language of Dante, Petrarch, and Ariosto is still unknown to the common people, though generally understood and spoken in society.
  • dated In a very melancholy letter, dated May 31, 1804, in which Mme.
  • daunted But, as the hunting-field is open to all and sundry, Mr. Sponge, not easily daunted, put in a frequent appearance, in the sure and certain hope that admission to free quarters at Sir Harry's was only delayed.
  • dented Then he took out the sachet again, and kissed the dented and bent coin.
  • donate Tell the boys I donate $25,000, and that I know others who have several thousands to spare."
  • donated Sadie emptied what she denominated her finery box, and donated every article in it, delivering comic little lectures to each bit of lace and ribbon, as she smoothed them and patted them, and told them they were going to New York.
  • dotted There were scores of squires dotted over the county, each of whom possessed local power more or less considerable, and each of whom might perchance have private relations with men who held high office in the State.
  • downed "But McGurk downed me fair and square.
  • tainted And there is so much in this tainted, sin-ridden world of ours that is beautiful and pure and happy and holy, if we will but give it a chance!"
  • tinted This had a fellow, too, but the eye belonging to the fellow was concealed beneath what was intended to be a flesh-tinted cover, secured in place by elastic round its owner's head.
  • wanted She wanted to go out-and think.
  • wonted True it is that "hope deferred maketh the heart-sick;" her cheeks lost their bloom, her step its elastic tread; still she performed her wonted duties, her voice was as melodious as ever when she read to Miss Mary, and she endeavoured, as she led her about, to speak with cheerfulness, and to describe, as she used to do when a young girl, the progress of the vegetation in the garden, the fresh flowers blooming, and the birds and insects as they flitted about among the trees and bushes.
  • Danced I had danced with her; I had taken her in to dinner at various houses where we met, always finding her a bright and very intellectual companion.
  • Darted Then it flew out into the open air once more, but in a second it darted back through the window and straight into the lady's bosom.
  • Decanted He drew the cork from a bottle of sherry, and decanted the wine.
  • Denoted I looked at Knowlton, and his expression denoted approval.
  • Donned When Bud donned his "evening clothes," which consisted of black silk hose, patent leather pumps, black velvet suit with Irish crochet collar and cuffs, purchased under the direction of Mr. Derry, Amarilly always felt uncomfortable.
  • Doted The child's grandfather doted on her, true, but had never been quite able to leave behind him the lusty young peasant of the bogs.
  • Panted She panted for some one, something, to break to her will.
  • Ranted He has been hankering after a strike there for some time, and might have ranted as he pleased.
  • Taunted He had been taunted with flying in the face of what he had himself said in King William's time in favour of prohibition.
  • Tented Had it been possessed by a man it would surely have driven him to the tented field for his profession.
  • donates
  • anted
  • danged "Let's see," he murmured in embarrassment, "it's been so gosh-darn long since I signed my name-danged if I can recollect-" the pen stuck in his awkward fingers as he swung it about like a lariat.
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