What is the correct spelling for DOB?

If you've mistakenly typed "dob" instead of "job", don't fret! Autocorrect can sometimes cause these errors. Check if "job" is the intended word and edit accordingly. Verifying and correcting spellings before hitting send prevents confusion and ensures effective communication.

Correct spellings for DOB

  • bob My neighbor's dog barks at bob every time he walks by.
  • cob The farmer was surprised to find a golden cob of corn in his field.
  • dab He used a dab of paint to touch up the scratch on the wall.
  • db
  • deb Deb is busy with her job and rarely has time for leisure activities.
  • DO I have a lot to do today, so let's get started!
  • DOB Can you please tell me your DOB?
  • doc The doc prescribed me some medication for my flu symptoms.
  • dod
  • doe The doe and her fawn crossed the meadow at dusk.
  • dog Max is a dog, so he does well with other animals.
  • don He decided to don his favorite outfit for the important meeting.
  • dos I need some dos for my lunch.
  • dot The little girl liked to put a dot on top of her "i"s.
  • Dow The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a stock market index of 30 large and well-known companies in the United States.
  • DOZ
  • dub He was a dub DJ.
  • fob I lost my car key fob and now I have to use a regular key.
  • gob She was surprised by the large gob of toothpaste that he squeezed onto his toothbrush.
  • hob I need to get a hob for the oven.
  • job I have been searching for a job for weeks now.
  • lob I need to lob this ball over the net to win the game.
  • mob The mob gathered outside of the courthouse, demanding justice for the victim.
  • nob
  • ob The cat slept on the ob.
  • rob The burglars attempted to rob the bank but were caught and arrested by the police.
  • sob She couldn't help but sob uncontrollably at the sight of her beloved pet's lifeless body.
  • yob I refuse to deal with that yob.

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