What is the correct spelling for DOEES?

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Correct spellings for DOEES

  • deeds Second, the Bakunists, who adopted Bakunin's programme of "deeds," but did not, till 1875, think of putting it to practice.
  • doe Pray doe so, That you may use me better.
  • dos Dos Sanctas says, "They have in their principal town a slaughter-house, where they butcher men every day."
  • dose If I had a gun or a dose of poison, he’d never get me alive.
  • doss I have just enough left for two teas at Lockharts, a Rowton doss for you, and my tram and bus home.
  • dosser
  • douse "Of course I might douse the mainsail altogether and run under jib and jigger; but-no, I guess she'll carry it.
  • dowse There the potential Dibdin or Dowse gathers his library on a single pendulous shelf-more fair to him than the hanging gardens of Babylon.
  • dowser Dowser: It's what I know!
  • doze He went for a moment to Nell's tent to listen whether she slept peacefully; after which he returned, sat nearer the fire, and again began to doze and even fell into a sound slumber.
  • duse Isabelle, I've seen them all, Bernhardt, Duse , Fiske, but I've never seen any acting that could be compared with yours!
  • Dies What will happen to you, Jeanne, if your aunt dies?
  • Does But where does he get it?
  • Dee "That's the i-dee," said Calliope, heartily; "if everything's foolish, it's just as foolish doin' nothin' as doin' somethin'.
  • Deems If he desires to be introduced, the letter or card of introduction should be addressed to her chaperone or mother, who may then introduce him to the young woman if she deems it advisable.
  • Dorsey Fortunately it has been extensively studied by Riggs, Hale, Dorsey , and several others, including distinguished representatives of some of the tribes, and is thus accessible to students.
  • deeps His words had touched again, as the night before, the hidden deeps of her nature, quickening into life the mysticism that lay there.
  • doors It's already getting too cold for them to sit out of doors as they do.
  • doses Another valuable means of preventing disease by means of its germs is by putting very small doses of the germs into a patient's body, so that they will give him a very mild attack of the disease, and cause the production in his blood of such large amounts of antitoxin that he will no longer be liable to an attack of the violent, or dangerous, form of the disease.
  • doves I love far better the gentle doves that flutter around me in my forest."
  • doles Rich Marwaris are extremely generous in their subscriptions to objects of public utility, but it is said that the small Bania is not very charitably inclined, though he doles out handfuls of grain to beggars with fair liberality.
  • dopes But I dopes it out he's sore at automobiles, 'What's wrong with 'em?
  • duos Alioqui si non vicinos statuisset, vni alicui horam duos fontes adscripsisset.
  • DOMES Behind the royal yacht, some little distance upon the land, the Palace and surroundings of Peterhoff were lit up by the sun's rays playing upon the collection of gilded and fantastic domes.
  • ODES The hungry author cannot breakfast on "odes to summer."
  • DOERS They formed my character, and filled me with an abhorrence of evil doers.
  • DOTES She dotes on missions-both foreign and home, and all sorts of charity meetings.
  • DUES The flesh must live, but why should not the spirit have its dues also?
  • TEES But his manner was perfection as he saluted her and bade the caddy build their tees.
  • TOES A man sees differently-toes up."
  • dozes The Honourable Emily became querulous and an invalid; took to falling into dozes no matter who was present, and waking up again with alarming cries; and she busied herself with charitable works performed in an uncharitable temper.
  • affranchising
  • uncategorical
  • diapasons
  • image-breaker

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