What is the correct spelling for DOGDED?

If you meant to type "dogged" but ended up with "dogded", here are potential corrections: "dogged" means persistent or determined. Alternatively, you might have intended to write "dodged", meaning to avoid. Proofreading helps eliminate such errors, ensuring accurate communication.

Correct spellings for DOGDED

  • Codded She's been codded by her husband ever since they got married.
  • CODED The message was coded in a way that only those with the key could decipher it.
  • corded The old phone on the wall was corded, with a tangled mass of wires leading to the receiver.
  • deeded The house was deeded to them by their grandparents.
  • docked The boat was docked at the pier for hours.
  • Dodged The football player dodged the opposing team's defenders and scored a touchdown.
  • dogged Despite facing numerous obstacles, he continued on with a dogged determination to succeed.
  • doodad I can't find my keys, did you see that doodad that was attached to the keychain?
  • Doted She doted on her pet cat, buying it only the highest quality food and toys.
  • dotted The night sky was dotted with bright, twinkling stars.
  • goaded The wrestler goaded his opponent into making a mistake.
  • togaed The room was too hot and the togaed man was too hot.
  • togged The family togged up in their warmest clothes for the winter hike.