What is the correct spelling for DONN0T?

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Correct spellings for DONN0T

  • bonnet She had on the black dress and the crimson bonnet -but she had forgotten her music.
  • dainty "Here is a dainty little watch.
  • dante Dante speaks of him as "the master of those that know."
  • daunt Roll thyself up like a fist, to threaten and daunt me; I heed not Either your warning or menace, or any omen of evil!
  • denote It had been purchased but a week before, yet the bill bore these words, stamped in red ink and set askew with a haste that seemed to denote a sudden gust of spite: "Please remit."
  • dent On the following day, we held the positions which we had won and carried the trenches on the Dent de Crouy.
  • dint Mr. Mulworth, by dint of working with fury and sitting up all night, had become fanatical about the opera.
  • dolt How look you now, and how shall we mortals look upon the man, who, ninety years after your day, casting a glance backward into the darkened chambers of the long past, perceived yourself to have been a credulous dolt and simpleton, unable, by eleven weeks' close study and vigilant watch, to determine that the source of marvelous phenomena manifested in your own domicile, before your own attentive eyes, was exclusively mundane?
  • don I don 't know anything now.
  • donate Did you ever think, it takes one of us only about a day to make enough barrels to pay his week's wages, and that he has to donate the other five days' work for the privilege of being allowed to live?
  • done What had I done ?
  • donna The pictures "Queen Prima Donna " and "Proxy" are two early nursery scenes of the many du Maurier contributed to Punch.
  • donne Dryden's criticism of Donne .
  • donor But I venture to suggest still another reason: this is, that in the uplifted, pleading face of the mendicant, whose expression of appeal and humility is a striking bit of realism in these ideal surroundings, we may have the actual portrait of the donor , Hans Gerster himself.
  • dot You no need spen' dot money.
  • down Don't let her down you!
  • downed The thieves, startled, desperate, were hurled back by the first rush against the further wall, tables and chairs overturned, the shrieking woman pushed headlong into one corner, and one of the fellows downed by the crashing butt of a revolver.
  • downy Mrs. Mynors, beautifully gowned, rose from the downy Chesterfield to greet him.
  • font There are very few of our ancient churches in village, town or city which do not offer some feature of interest to the visitor, and in the absence of anything more important, there is sure to be some door, window, font , screen, or other detail which will amply repay him for the small amount of time spent in seeing it.
  • sonnet "That sonnet you played me yesterday.
  • tent A shout came from Sidney at the card table near the tent where he was taking down Huk's story.
  • tint The spectroscope shows that the sunlight reflected from these darker belts is like that reflected from the lighter parts, save that a larger portion of the blue and violet rays has been absorbed out of it, thus producing the ruddy tint of the belts, as sunset colors are produced on the earth, and showing that here the light has penetrated farther into the planet's atmosphere before being thrown back by reflection from lower-lying cloud surfaces.
  • tnt
  • tonne
  • wont "I took her there," answered Markworth, in the most cool and collected manner, according to his wont ; "and if you'll look at this certificate here you'll see that I had a perfect right to do so.
  • Dinned A set of visits to Irish battle-fields abroad, illustrated from the manuscripts of Paris, Vienna, and Madrid, would be a welcomer book than the reiterated assurances that the Rhone was rapid, the Alps high, and Florence rich in sculpture, wherewith we have been dinned.
  • Doing Why was he doing this?
  • Docent
  • Donned
  • Dost Here, thou strange man, dost thou not know the Queen?
  • Dunned He had dunned the poor drunkard for the money until he got tired of so profitless a business, and gave up the account for lost.
  • Mont
  • Won't
  • Dunn
  • Dionne
  • Dona
  • Donn One part of it was driven along the east coast of Erinn, to the north, under the command of Eremon, the youngest of the Milesian brothers; the remainder, under the command of Donn , the elder brother, was driven to the south-west of the island.
  • Danny
  • Denny
  • Donnie Donnie, you know I ain't one o' the presumin' kind.
  • Donny
  • Dunne
  • ONT
  • DUNNO I suppose 'e's there, but I dunno.
  • CONT
  • DONS
  • Donner
  • doesn't
  • don't
  • didn't
  • despotizing

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