What is the correct spelling for DONNES?

If you're looking for alternatives to the misspelled word "donnes", here are a few correct suggestions. Firstly, "dons" refers to acts of giving or talents. Secondly, "drones" are unmanned flying devices. Lastly, the word "done" indicates completed actions. Make sure to double-check your spelling to avoid confusion!

Correct spellings for DONNES

  • DANES The Danes are known for their hygge lifestyle and delicious pastries.
  • Denies The company denies any wrongdoing in relation to the environmental contamination.
  • Dennis Dennis is a hardworking employee who always completes his tasks on time.
  • dines She dines alone every night at the small Italian restaurant down the street.
  • dinners I have some nice dinners planned for tonight.
  • doings I have no idea what your doings were last night.
  • doneness The doneness of the burger was perfect, with just the right balance of pinkness and char on the outside.
  • donne John Donne is widely regarded as one of the greatest English poets of all time.
  • Donned He donned his coat and headed out into the cold evening air.
  • Donner The Donner Party was a group of over 60 people who were caught in a snowstorm in 1846.
  • Donors The charity organization received generous donations from many different donors.
  • DONS The restaurant's head chef and his team of experienced dons prepare the most exquisite meals.
  • downers Her cheerfulness was a stark contrast to the downers her friends tended to share.
  • Downs The Downs in England are a popular spot for horse racing.
  • dunes The wind-sculpted dunes stretched as far as the eye could see.
  • tones The color of the painting consists of various shades and tones of blue.
  • TONNES The cargo ship was carrying thousands of tonnes of goods across the ocean.

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