What is the correct spelling for DOOL?

When encountering the misspelling "dool", it's important to offer possible correct suggestions. Some possible corrections for "dool" could be "tool", "pool", "cool" or "fool". By providing these options, we can assist in finding the intended word and help avoid confusion in communication.

Correct spellings for DOOL

  • cool It felt so cool inside the air-conditioned room on a scorching hot day.
  • deol
  • Dohl
  • doll She played with a doll when she was young.
  • doom Many people believe that the pandemic will inevitably lead to the doom of our society.
  • door I need to fix the hinge on the front door.
  • drool The sight and smell of the baked lasagna made me drool.
  • duhl
  • fool Don't be a fool and open that door.
  • pool I love to go swimming in the pool during the summer.
  • tool
  • wool The wool blanket is soft and warm.