What is the correct spelling for DOSRE?

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Correct spellings for DOSRE

  • dare Do you dare so say that to me?
  • deere Mr. Shepley saw me beyond St. Neots, and there parted, and we straight to Stevenage, through Bald Lanes, which are already very bad; and at Stevenage we come well before night, and all sat, and there with great care I got the gold up to the chamber, my wife carrying one bag, and the girl another, and W. Hewer the rest in the basket, and set it all under a bed in our chamber; and then sat down to talk, and were very pleasant, satisfying myself, among other things, from John Bowles, in some terms of hunting, and about deere , bucks, and does.
  • desire That was why she couldn't understand Doggie's desire .
  • dire And so as soon as I learned this, that thou to whom he had sworn friendship and thine were in dire peril, I hastened through the dark forest to warn thee."
  • doris Who was Doris Cleveland and why had she left her books to the rats?
  • dory As we neared the herd, the dory , with its Eskimos, was freed from the launch.
  • dos He could set the sheet-iron fins in different positions and make it cut di-dos in several different ways.
  • dosage The sediment removed, he slips a temporary cork into the bottle, and the wine is ready for the important operation of the dosage , upon the nature and amount of which the character of the perfected wine, whether it be dry or sweet, light or strong, very much depends.
  • dose It’s a quare world, and that poor woman’s had a powerful dose o’ trouble.
  • dosed My mother would never have a doctor in the house; "nervousness" was called bad temper, and was dosed , and stooping was called "a trick," and was smacked.
  • doss Twopenny doss in Spur Street, off of 'Orseferry Road, Westminster.
  • dosser
  • dossier Then, examining the secret dossier , to which he now had access, he was stupefied to see its insignificance.
  • douse How'd you douse the lights?
  • dowry I have no need of dowry .
  • dowse Dowse that glim on your fo'castle!
  • dowser Dowser: This is a trick to rouse the world.
  • doze He hadn’t meant to doze , but he had slept little on the preceding night, and was lulled, moreover, by a sense of his security.
  • drew The Bishop drew her over to the fire.
  • dross With tender hands she gradually remolded his wayward, eccentric nature, stripping away much of its dross , bringing out its cleaner, nobler traits.
  • drowse And alway as we journeyed, there did seem a great stillness in all the Country near about; and afar off the low mutter of the Great Fire-Hills, in this place and that, and a drowse as of life and warmth about us, and everywhere the air very rich and plentiful.
  • duse And Duse was right.
  • sere The Padre met it with a dry, unsympathetic palm, as sere and yellow as the hills.
  • sire Though I'm not he, he was my sire , For I am 'Steeple Jackson'!
  • sore Then, anyway, I'm too stiff and sore to fight.
  • store If so come to our store .
  • sure I sure never did!
  • tore I tore it up.
  • tosser And there, close before him, was the huge giant Mountain-tosser, picking up the mountains like pebbles and hurling them to little pieces and dust upon the ground.
  • Does What does she do?
  • Dost What dost thou here, Wansutis?
  • Dowries The house was already sufficiently established, but the financial condition gave great cause for anxiety, and almost justified the ungracious forebodings of the Archbishop of Paris, though kind friends, among whom Madame de Motteville was one of the most generous, gave considerable gifts, and some of the religious, such as her sister, the first professed nun of the house, were able to bring dowries.
  • Dorsey 53 Taken chiefly from notes and manuscripts prepared by Mr Dorsey .
  • Desiree This was what made the gentle Desiree so happy, for she loved him desperately.
  • Dora Just as I was talking to Mrs. Charrington, who should come in but Dora Abercrombie!
  • doors "I think I'll go out of doors for a bit," he said abruptly.
  • dares I rejoice whenever I find one who dares to rely upon their own organization, in the investigation of truth.
  • doses Tannopin in doses of 30 to 60 grains is good.
  • dories She was then towed out into the bay by the launch and two dories , and anchored.
  • duos 355. Tunc panetarius mittat comiti duos panes atque vini sextarium....
  • DOERS He kept a big whip in the vestry, with which to chastise evil-doers; of this I had ocular demonstration.
  • TORS A few of the more interesting tors are- Belliver Tor.
  • bedsore
  • dowsers Shale: Neither such dowsers , and we'll learn him that.
  • sorer It was a sore conviction to her, and would have been a sorer yet had she understood his playful blame of her in the letter.
  • Dorset 7 Dorset , Thomas Grey, second Marquis of, iii.
  • abbes
  • unenthused

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