What is the correct spelling for DOULD?

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Correct spellings for DOULD

  • bold "He is-bold and unscrupulous! From sky to earth it slanted : And poised therein a bird so bold-- Sweet bird, thou wert enchanted ! He sank, he rose, he twinkled, he trolled – Zapolya by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • cold I turned cold and hot, and my knees trembled under me. 'Cause everyone's so cold Everyone's so skeptical Of everything they're told And even I get sick of – Helicopters by barenaked ladies
  • could "No, it could not. If I could, Then, I would – Jambi by tool
  • delude Let not this be the case with you, who are weak and hang on a single turn of the scale; nor be like the vulgar, who, abandoning such security as human means may still afford, when visible hopes fail them in extremity, turn to invisible, to prophecies and oracles, and other such inventions that delude men with hopes to their destruction.
  • dod He believes that the three detainees that DoD announced as having committed suicide were questioned under torture the night of their deaths.
  • doily One had a face like a round white doily with brown fringe; the other was spotted with hair like new grass.
  • dole But the most interesting feature of St. Cross-that which in so remarkably vivid a way holds its connection with the past-is the dole . And do what things the rules consider wise, And take whatever pity they may dole. Tonight he noticed how the women's eyes Passed from him to the strong men that were whole. – Disabled by Wilfred Owen
  • doll Russ, you shouldn't have taken Vi's doll . I wasn't shopping for a doll To say the least, I thought, I've seen them all – Everything Will Be Alright by the killers
  • dolly Dolly, you must have known that-" "Stop, Jarvis!" Francie, Nora, Alice even Dolly , Gertie, Gretchen, Carmelita and Molly – Name of the Game Was Love by Hank Snow
  • dolt A Venetian noble might be a fribble, or an assassin,-a scoundrel, or a dolt ; worthless, or worse than worthless, yet he might have sat to Titian, and his portrait may be inestimable,-a few inches of painted canvas a thousand times more valuable than a man with his veins and muscles, brain, will, heart, and intellect!
  • douala After the independence of Cameroon in 1960, Douala grew rapidly.
  • dourly On such occasions he would be found sitting on the kitchen table dourly eating up the olives and refusing to come in.
  • dud Jim was dozing in the stern, out of harm's reach; but on Dud , seated at the edge of the boat and fuming with rage and pride, the warning fell unheeded.
  • dull My tanto knife is always sharp, never dull The Vietnam veteran got a metal plate in his skull – Garbage Bag '94 by necro
  • dulled You're not like most blind men, dulled by your affliction-and Mattie is very different from most girls.
  • duly
  • fold And from each ample fold Of the clouds about him rolled – Rain in Summer by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • fouled
  • gold A rusting bulk of bronze and gold, So much, and scarce so much, ye hold – Buddha at Kamakura by Rudyard Kipling
  • gould "You ought to have had a good many snipe by the way, Gould ," said one of the guests.
  • hold So may that love forever hold In life an equal pace; So may that love grow never old, But, clear and pure and fountain-cold, – Know You The River NEar To Grez by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • loud Helpless, naked, piping loud, Like a fiend hid in a cloud. – Infant Sorrow by William Blake
  • mold Forced in a mold Processed and sold – Clones by ash
  • mould By these blanchings, blooms of old, And the relics of your voice - Leavings rare of rich and choice From your early tone and mould - – The Faded Face by Thomas Hardy
  • mouldy The air was hot and stifling, and had that stale, mouldy smell noticeable in places long shut up.
  • old He as his empire's old, And rivers, cold; – Amyntor From Beyond The Sea To Alexis. A Dialogue by Richard Lovelace
  • should The way it did, the way it should I know it knows that something's wrong It hears me play these awful songs Its having trouble feeling good – Wretched Songs by grandaddy
  • sold Your cake there is warm within; you stand here in the cold: It would make a man mad as a buck, to be so bought and sold. – The Comedy of Errors: Act III, scene I by Unknown Author
  • wold
  • would They would have to go.
  • Dialed He went over to the phone, dialed a number, and sat down comfortably in his fat blue overstuffed chair.
  • Doled Small as it was, however, the captain had taken the precaution to collect it all together, causing every man to empty his pockets of every inch that he possessed, and doled it out in small equal quantities.
  • Doused Their sails were doused in masses under the mast.
  • Told "I told you once?
  • Toiled Leaving the car in the shelter of a hill, we toiled up a steep and stony slope to a point from which I was able to get an admirable idea of the general lay of Italy's Eastern Front.
  • Tolled "This is not a chap to be tolled.
  • tooled Gilt edges are also frequently tooled or scraped and painted.
  • Donald He will soon settle your jabbering, Donald Cameron.
  • Doyle In this year Richard Doyle made a slight literary appearance in the paper, with an article on "High Art and the Royal Academy."
  • dueled
  • dolled It's all complete: the big silver urn polished up and steaming sandwiches and cakes made, flowers about, us all dolled up-and nobody to it!
  • doubled The first catamaran was only nine feet long-it consisted of three thick planks lashed together, forming a sort of raft, which one man sitting a little behind the middle, with his legs doubled under him, managed very dexterously with his paddle.

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