What is the correct spelling for DOWET?

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Correct spellings for DOWET

  • bowed I bowed to my lord, and he to me. And oh! The Lad was Deathly Proud! He never shook your Hand or Bowed , – Godolphin Horne by Hilaire Belloc
  • cowed I was not going to be cowed by him, defenseless as I was.
  • dawes Dawes, who had been behind upon the road, turned to go back, and was pursued.
  • dewey V. and Admiral Dewey , V. and insurgent forces at Manila, V. president of republic, V. capture, V. Aix-la-Chapelle.
  • diet He was taking nourishment regularly after a special diet was ordered for him. Girl enters her diet Dream overloaded can she fly it – Count Me In by Bear Quartet
  • docket All that the county judge could do would be to fix a bond for answering to the grand jury, but the circuit court was also under the influence of the dictator, and later when the trials came up on that docket the prosecution would become persecution.
  • dolt "Why, that's not the way to cut it, you old dolt ," said Pilbury.
  • domed They can bring their own food, build domed stations of lowered air pressure, devise specially designed ships.
  • doped From the first Stelton had "doped" Caldwell out all wrong.
  • dosed They chatted for some time as to the chances of surrender or of resistance to the last, and as to what was likely to befall themselves; then, wearied with the excitement of the day their voices became more and more drowsy and they dosed off upon their heaps of straw.
  • dot He is not Eugenic enough to prevent the black dot at the end of a sentence from breeding a line of little dot s.
  • dote Why did I lend you money-I, an old miserly wretch, who have been made to dote on money; I, who have never spent a shilling for my own comfort for these ten years?
  • doubt "I'm glad to hear you say so; and doubt not but that you'll keep your word.
  • dowdy Dr. Sonya Malekrinova, a dowdy -looking, middle-aged woman with unplucked eyebrows and a mole on her chin, adjusted her steel-rimmed glasses, took the proffered papers from the clerk, ran her eyes over them, and then put her initials on the bottom of each page.
  • dowel
  • dower
  • downed
  • duet I want you to try this duet with me; it is such a pretty one!
  • duvet
  • owed
  • soweto
  • towel
  • tower
  • tweet
  • twit
  • wet
  • Doled He seemed to take buttermilk lightly; but, one evening, we came upon another old farmer to whom buttermilk seemed a species of the water of life to be hoarded jealously and doled out in careful quantities at strictly market rates.
  • Dost "Twenty roses thou dost not need- Why, pearls and rubies are thine!
  • Doted He doted on Burke.
  • Doter
  • Dozed
  • Dwelt
  • Lowed
  • Rowed He proved to be correct and, getting in, the boys rowed back to the yacht, where they amused and interested a party of their companions by telling of their adventures.
  • Towed
  • Vowed
  • DeWitt DeWitt, Presbyterian and Calvary Churches, San Francisco and New York.
  • mowed It may be July and hay time-all the intervale grass land is mowed by hand-there is a sweat-breaking task!
  • dowsed
  • wowed
  • Dorset Vivian, which is sometimes from the masculine Vivien, is found in Dorset as Vye, and Isolt and Guinevere, which long survived as font-names in Cornwall, have given several names.
  • don't "No, I don't blay.
  • sowed

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