What is the correct spelling for DRAGAL?

If you're looking for possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "Dragal", here are a few options to consider: "Draggle", "Dracula", "Dramatic", "Dragol" or "Dragula". Depending on the context or intended meaning, these words might offer more suitable alternatives or help clarify the intended word.

Correct spellings for DRAGAL

  • Drag The drag on the car slowed it down considerably.
  • Draggy After staying up too late the night before, I found myself feeling very draggy during my morning workout.
  • dragl
  • Dragon The knight bravely fought the fiery dragon to rescue the captured princess.
  • Drags He drags his feet whenever he has to do chores.
  • Drama I'm not interested in all this drama, can we just keep it professional?
  • Dramas I enjoy watching dramas because they often have complex and realistic characters.
  • Drawl He spoke in a slow Southern drawl that made me feel relaxed.
  • Drupal As a content management system, Drupal is used to build complex websites and web applications.
  • Frugal My grandmother was frugal and never wasted anything.
  • Kraal The Maasai tribe in Kenya lives in a traditional kraal made up of circular huts surrounded by thorn brush to keep predators away.
  • Raga The musician played a raga on his sitar.
  • Ragas Ragas are an important part of Indian classical music and are believed to have specific healing properties.
  • Regal The queen looked stunning in her regal gown.