What is the correct spelling for DRO?

If you made a misspelling, "dro", fear not! There are several correct suggestions you can consider. "Drove" is a common choice, typically used to describe a past tense of driving. Alternatively, "drought" refers to a long period of dry weather. Lastly, "droll" means amusing or entertainingly odd.

Correct spellings for DRO

  • BRO I don't know why he keeps calling me "bro", we're not even friends.
  • dero
  • DO Don't forget to do your homework before going to bed.
  • dre
  • drop After the drop in the temperature, I had to put on a sweater.
  • dry The desert is extremely dry, with very little rainfall.
  • duo The vocal duo performed a stunning rendition of their latest hit song.
  • Fro He wore a green coat with a large collar trimmed in fro.
  • pro She is a true pro on the basketball court.
  • SRO The SRO was assigned to the school to ensure the safety of the students.