What is the correct spelling for DROUDERY?

If you accidentally typed "Droudery" instead of the word you intended to convey, there are some correct alternatives to consider. One option may be "Dowdery", which means slovenly or untidy. Alternatively, you could use "Dowry", referring to the property or money a bride brings to her marriage.

Correct spellings for DROUDERY

  • Doddery My grandpa is getting quite doddery and has difficulty remembering things.
  • Drollery The clown's drollery at the circus made the audience burst into laughter.
  • Drudgery The endless drudgery of washing dishes every day made her dread cooking even simple meals.
  • Prouder As a teacher, nothing makes me prouder than seeing my students achieve their goals and succeed in life.
  • Prudery