What is the correct spelling for DRUEL?

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Correct spellings for DRUEL

  • creel The old beau looked up quickly and encountered the dark eyes of Major Rockley, who had also been intently watching Dick Miggles, using an opera-glass, so as to see him empty the shrimps into his creel .
  • cruel I knew you were dead, because I knew you never would be so cruel as to leave every one in doubt and your father in sorrow-just because he had quarreled with you.
  • derail The next obstruction may derail us."
  • dowel Dowel O'Reily; the Attorney-General; is an Irishman, and of one of the influential families.
  • drawl "I asked you to come here, hoping the surroundings would refresh your memory of what happened last night," Culligore went on in his usual placid drawl .
  • drew She quickly drew it back.
  • dried This hot weather has dried them up.
  • drier Nevertheless, the country became drier and drier , and the sun scorched the jungle unmercifully.
  • drill The protest that counts in this land is made with the axe and drill .
  • drivel It is about a thousand years since sane and sensible men believed all that drivel about women's only sphere being the home, and since women were content to be mere chattels, stuck in with the rest of the furniture, to look after the children.
  • droll "I hadn't got that far in my thinking," was the droll response.
  • drool The fortunes such men as Maundering and Piffle and Drool made!
  • drub But supposing he let him in at night through the garden door, couldn't they get the knave out on some pretence, and then drub him to their heart's content?"
  • drug Speaking thus, he ordered little Nasibu to hand him a big tin box, which apparently was a small traveling drug store; he took out of it two rather large jars filled with a powder and gave them to Stas.
  • druid Returning home at the end of their expedition Beric was surprised as he entered the hall to see a Druid standing upon the dais conversing with his mother, who was pacing up and down with angry gestures.
  • drum It will be in the form of a drum , if the pan was of that shape.
  • drupe Drupe globose, 1-2'' in diameter, covered by a fleshy envelope, formed by the receptacle.
  • dryer She needs a dryer and more even climate, plenty of fresh air and an outdoor life.
  • dryly "I suppose you know all about him," he said dryly .
  • dual You are coming now, he had said, to the deleted passage about Dual Personality.
  • duel The first two Acts of the play are chiefly occupied with Bussy's arrival at court, his entry into the service of Monsieur, his quarrel with Guise, and the duel between himself and Barrisor, with two supporters on either side.
  • dull They are dull to the point of despair.
  • durer Similar theories had been propounded in earlier days by Albert Durer and the French printer, Geoffrey Tory, but no improvement in printing ever resulted from them.
  • gruel To her the mission of a nurse meant something higher than gruel and bandages.
  • oriel The floor was strewn with clean white sand, and, though the air was thick with the fumes of that same pungent tobacco, which already had offended Gaston's nostrils, it was not hopelessly unpleasant, as the deep and square oriel window at the extreme end of this long, low room was wide open, freely admitting the sweet, salt breeze which blew straight from the English Channel; affording too-as Gaston had originally surmised-a magnificent view of a panorama which embraced the mouth of the Seine, the rough harbour and tiny jetty, with the many small craft lying at anchor on the calm bosom of the river, and the graceful schooners and majestic three-deckers further away, all lit by the slanting rays of the slowly-sinking sun.
  • reel The Second continued to stare at the log-reel for a brief instant; then he turned to me, with a sneer.
  • riel It was among the French half-breeds that Riel found his supporters.
  • rule It is their nature, and perhaps that is how we love them most, but the men should rule , for their own good.
  • trail Madam Manovska, Amalia and I are going up the trail a little way, and we may be gone some time, but-I'll take good care of her.
  • trawl The trawl , which is really only an extension of hand-lines, is a French device adopted by American fishermen early in the last century.
  • trial You were a dear child to think of doing something for Louis, although it turned out to be such a time of trial .
  • trill Nothing stirred in the stillness except the waving branches of the tall trees-and a little bird that came and perched upon his shoulder and began softly to trill into his ear what meant nothing to him.
  • troll My old nurse, Betty Grancan, used to say that you could call up the troll at the Tolcarne if while there you held in your hand three dried leaves, one of the ash, one of the oak, and one of the thorn, and pronounced an incantation or charm.
  • true That is true in part.
  • truly I am really and truly going.
  • Ariel Arranged in order of their distance from the central body, Ariel , the nearest, accomplishes its journey in 2 days and 12 hours.
  • Del "The Boca del Dragon," I shouted back.
  • Direly Because, as Ferris reached the door and groped for its knob, Chum was beside him-glad to get out of this uncongenial assembly and to be alone with the master who seemed so unhappy and so direly in need of consolation.
  • Darrel Ramsey Charles Broadwater John West Junior Bryan Fairfax Sampson Darrel Townshend Dade Quorum Henry Gunnell Marmaduke Beckwith Robert Adam Richard Sanford Wm.
  • Darryl
  • Uriel Uriel, in Milton, tells how, when the universe was yet chaos, "Or ever the wild Time coined itself Into calendar months and days," he saw the worlds a-forming,-earth, sun, and stars.
  • Daryl Barren Ground (novel), 1925 novel by Ellen Glasgow "Barren Ground" (song) written by Bruce Hornsby and John Hornsby and released as a single in 1994 by Daryl Braithwaite.
  • Darrell
  • drolly I was thinking how drolly some of my brother officers would look if our government were to give them such a bill of fare as this.
  • dries By being my own. Yet, though this facile moment flies, Close is your tone, And ere to-morrow's dewfall dries – Why Be at Pains? by Thomas Hardy
  • REL L. 7. 1492 Boissier, Rel .
  • trued
  • truer "And, Will-believe it or not-no woman ever loved a husband truer than I loved you at that moment.
  • trues

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