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Correct spellings for DSFDSF

  • deserts For if previously they could not comprehend how the children by themselves could cross those vast wilds and deserts separating that region from the Nile and Fashoda, then at present they could not at all understand in what manner "the little Pole," as they called Stas, not only accomplished that but appeared before them as the leader of a caravan, armed with European weapons-with an elephant bearing a palanquin, with horses, tents, and a considerable supply of provisions.
  • dissatisfy He who, after a triumphant first book, does not dissatisfy the public with a second, has a fair chance of gaining a fixed station in literature.
  • distaff If such workers had not fastened a book to the distaff , insanity would surely have set in.
  • satisfy What she saw seemed to satisfy her.
  • testis Et ego testis adfui tametsi in actis de industria hand notatis.
  • tsetse The encampment being outside the tsetse fly area, the party had brought both cattle and horses with them.
  • Diastase Fermentation by means of a soluble ferment or diastase, a phenomenon which may almost be called vital, is also a catalytic action.
  • Distaffs The shallow hollows and depressions were overgrown with ferns, compressed into one impenetrable thicket, here low and expansive, there high, entwined with climbing plants, as though distaffs, reaching up to the first boughs of the trees and spreading under them in delicate green lace.
  • Tests He has, therefore, recourse to other tests for the determination of the mineral constituents of rocks.
  • Testes There are individuals with ovaries who show every deviation from the feminine and there are individuals with testes who exhibit every variation from the masculine.
  • Tastes And what between her habits and her tastes, she is really not fit for what you and I would call the world.
  • desists Thus he thinks and is convinced, when he desists after his vain efforts.
  • discards "And, for the sake of that one, she discards all those unfortunates who, by their age or appearance or lack of position or lack of distinction, cannot hope to come near," he said, rather absently.
  • divides Like the former, it adds the second commandment to the first, but it divides the tenth.
  • drafts You know that you draw sight drafts on the universe daily.
  • decides In spite of her duty to herself Aglavaine, in a fit of generosity, decides to sacrifice herself; but Selysette makes her promise not to go till she herself tells her she may.
  • sifts All material which sifts through the three-fourths inch meshes should be rejected for the road, but may be used in making side paths.
  • discords No discords from the far-off throbbing world of commerce disturbed the quiet scene.
  • despots Evidently neither could Asiatic Greeks be trusted, even though their claws were cut by disarmament and their motives for rebellion had been lessened by the removal of their despots , nor could the Balkan province be held securely, while the western Greeks remained defiant and Athens, in particular, aiming at the control of Aegean trade, supported the Ionian colonies.
  • divests And the conclusions which we might thus draw from purely arbitrary hypotheses, might form a highly useful intellectual exercise: but as they could only teach us what would be the properties of objects which do not really exist, they would not constitute any addition to our knowledge of nature: while on the contrary, if the hypothesis merely divests a real object of some portion of its properties, without clothing it in false ones, the conclusions will always express, under known liability to correction, actual truth.
  • defeats Distribution by need defeats its own end; the very needs of the community would be less amply satisfied after it than before it.
  • descends A gloom descends heavily upon their spirits.
  • drifts It would be the driving, fine snow and the drifts that would delay him.
  • DIVOTS It's a rule of the club, said Evelyn, that players must replace their own divots.
  • TUFTS He was lying face down, his arms stretched out wide at either side, his fingers convulsively clutching at tufts of grass.
  • deftest The figure retains much of the strength and grace for which in life it was renowned, and, if ever features were created, worthy of the deftest sculptor and the purest marble, such, surely, was the birthright of that noble, serene face.
  • desalts
  • misfits Experience proves, however, that just as Roman walls and Norman castles look out of place in New York and Kansas, so European laws and European remedies are too frequently misfits when tried by American schools, hospitals, or city governments.
  • softest As for the butter, it was exquisite, and so, too, the home-baked bread, the more so, because only touched in the processes of preparing by the whitest and softest of hands.
  • deists When the term first came into general use, about the end of the seventeenth century, it was mainly used with reference to those deists who were then attacking Christianity.
  • dusts Its other smoke-impurities, dirts and dusts , escape, or are blown away so rapidly that they are seldom thick enough to be injurious to health, except in the narrowest and darkest streets; so that it is always safe to open your windows wide for air, wherever you may live.
  • dusters To Katharine it seemed as if they had brushed away sixty years or so with the first flick of their damp dusters .
  • davits Meantime the fourth officer and his men were clambering with cat-like agility into the boat suspended over the stern-davits, which eager hands began to lower, even before the last man had reached his perch.
  • duvets
  • air-conditions
  • feeble-mindednesses

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