What is the correct spelling for DUCCW?

If you accidentally typed "duccw" instead of the intended word, consider these possible correct suggestions. It is likely that you meant "duck" or "ducky", indicating a cute aquatic bird. However, without further context, alternative suggestions could include "ducat" (a historical coin) or "ducks" (the plural form of "duck").

Correct spellings for DUCCW

  • CCW She displayed her CCW permit when asked by the security guard at the entrance of the building.
  • DCC
  • Decca Decca Records was once a major label in the music industry.
  • ducal The ducal palace had magnificent paintings and intricate architecture.
  • ducat During the Renaissance, the ducat was a popular gold coin in Europe.
  • Ducey Governor Ducey of Arizona signed a controversial bill into law.
  • duchy The duchy of Burgundy was one of the most prosperous and powerful regions in medieval Europe.
  • duck The duck waddled across the pond with its head held high.
  • ducks Every morning, as I walk by the pond, I see a group of ducks swimming together.
  • ducky The little girl wore a ducky swimsuit while she splashed around in the pool.
  • duct The HVAC technician repaired the duct that was leaking air into the attic.
  • ducts The HVAC system's ducts were cleaned and serviced by the maintenance crew.
  • DUKW The DUKW was originally designed for military use during World War II.
  • dunce The teacher called the student a dunce when he couldn't answer a simple math question.
  • Dutch My friend is from Dutch origin.
  • Gucci She walked into the club wearing a bright pink Gucci dress.
  • Lucca Lucca is a medieval city in Tuscany, Italy known for its intact Renaissance-era city walls.
  • UCC The UCC is a standardized set of legal rules governing commercial transactions.
  • yucca The yucca plant blooms beautiful white flowers in the summer.