What is the correct spelling for DV?

If you accidentally type "dv" instead of the intended word, there are a few possible corrections worth considering. It could be "do" referring to completing a task, "diva" for a talented artist or "dev" indicating a developer. Double-check the context to choose the correct alternative.

Correct spellings for DV

  • ADV The ADV bike was the perfect choice for the off-road trip.
  • av
  • cv She cv'd the door handle hoping it would open.
  • D
  • da I don't want to eat that da.
  • db The company's IT department is responsible for managing the organization's db.
  • DC The intersection of 5th and K is named DC.
  • dd Please give me a list of the files in the directory dd.
  • de
  • DH There is no evidence of a DH in this sentence.
  • DIV The HTML tag for dividing content into sections is <div>.
  • dj I put on some Dj music and danced around my room.
  • DO I think we should DO something about this.
  • dp
  • Du I have Du gone to the store.
  • DVD I rented a DVD of the movie.
  • dy
  • DZ It's time to head to the DZ.
  • iv She couldn't find her vein so she called the nurse to help her with the IV.
  • jv The jv partnership was formed to increase sales and expand market reach.
  • nv
  • rv Our rental RV had all the amenities we could hope for.
  • tv I watched a lot of TV last night.
  • uv She attempted to take a photo of the beautiful uv sunset.
  • V V is the Roman numeral for five.
  • wv
  • xv She's xv anxious to get back to her work.