What is the correct spelling for EA?

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Correct spellings for EA

  • aa Without further impediment, the armada proceeded to North Aa ; the enemy retreating from this position also, and flying to Zoeterwoude, a strongly fortified village but a mile and three quarters from the city walls.
  • ba Here was an instance of that friendly disposition among Central African chiefs when they have not been spoiled by the Arabs, which Dr. Livingstone found among the Ba bisa and Ba -ulungu, and in Manyuema.
  • ca Ca-ca-can't we go on the grass?
  • da 1 da raspita muskato.
  • ea Ea-bani died of the bite of a gadfly, and his spirit mounted to the skies, while Gilgames himself was smitten by a sore disease.
  • ear He came to Pauline and whispered something in her ear .
  • eat "And you've had nothing to eat all day.
  • ec Currency: East Caribbean dollar (plural-dollars); 1 EC dollar (EC$) = 100 cents
  • ed Prince Behram of Persia and the Princess Ed Detmadccccxciv s. Seen her walkin' down the road with a bow on her head, "Hey baby what's your !!!! major?" "Elementary Ed ." – Naked Sorority Girls by Paloalto
  • em I mind writin' em out big an' plain after the teacher's copy. SHOOT 'EM DOWN, SHOOT 'EM DOWN SHOOT THEM DOWN – Shoot 'em Down by twisted sister
  • en 23. Escenas en contradas en otras comedias semejantes a las de Contigo Pan y Cebolla.
  • epa International healthcare accreditation Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities Hospital accreditation Joint Commission (USA) United Kingdom Accreditation Forum Information Assurance Personal trainer accreditation Professional certification Systems Engineering Translating and Interpreting National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (Australia) US EPA TSCA VI §770 accreditation
  • er I was about to suggest that I withdraw until you had finished the-er-ceremony-which I seem to have interrupted.
  • era A change, however, was coming upon the world, the meaning and direction of which even still is hidden from us, a change from era to era .
  • es Herr Pfinzing had warmly approved this plan, and accompanied her to the "Es," as he, too, was fond of calling his nieces.
  • eta If the point is forced to take the motion ([xi], [eta], [zeta]) by components of force X, Y, Z, the equations of motion become
  • eu countries that have signed, but not yet ratified - (7) Canada, EU, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Ukraine, US
  • ex For speed and certainty, it tried people "ex officio": by virtue of its office.
  • ga C. S. MILITARY PRISON, } MACON, GA., July 4th, 1864, }
  • ha "Ha, ha , you ha ve me there!
  • ia IA suppose the word waried to be wrong; but I am not able to give a fairly certain emendation ofA it.
  • la La me, what a fool-what a fool I was!
  • lea A succession of shrieks from Lea showed me that she was alive, but I thought at first my mother must be killed, for there was no sound from her.
  • pea And when you have managed to drive the cows or the sheep into their paddock and put up the rails, you get back to the house nicely 'rested' to find the pea -soup cold and full of flies, the pork under the table gnawed by dogs and cats, and you eat what you can lay your hands on, watching for the next trick the wretched animals are getting ready to play on you."
  • ra Ra-Sekenen, powerful as he had become, "victorious" as he may have been against Libyans and negroes, and even Cushites, dreaded exceedingly to engage in a struggle with the redoubted people which, two centuries previously, had shown itself so irresistible.
  • sea The sun is coming up out of the sea !
  • tea I got him breakfast and afternoon tea .
  • wa Sometimes a boy will say to another Yilan abook, "Curse your father," and another will answer, Wa jiddak, "and your grandfather," and then they will call back and forth like cats and dogs.
  • yea She did not call at all; she sent by Nellis Mitchell a tiny bouquet of lilies of the valley, lying inside of a cool, broad green lily leaf, and on a slip of paper twisted in with it was written: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil."
  • Eh Thought it couldn't be put through, eh?
  • DEA "Dost hear the cries, Blanca?" asked Dea Flavia, as the young slave, leaning out of the narrow window tried to peer out into the street.
  • Eva Eva listened to her story, fairly gasping for breath.
  • ET New York, N. Y. M. F. J. Le Maistre, Ingenieur-Chimiste-Conseil E. I. du Pont de Nemours et Co.
  • easy-going "Come along," I said, half surlily, half amused at the easy-going , light-hearted way in which the boy could forget the horrible peril in which he had placed himself.