What is the correct spelling for EACHE?

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Correct spellings for EACHE

  • aachen Aachen," we were free, so we thought, to shake the dust of Germany from our feet.
  • ace I'm ace -high in the county now, and I'll go higher in the territory.
  • ache That ache in her heart had communicated itself to all her being.
  • achy Often, in the dreary heart-achy days that followed, when weeks passed ere he saw the face of a white man, when he had to combat opium and bhang and laziness in the natives under him, the bird and his funny tricks had saved him from whisky, or worse.
  • apache He was keenly alive to the merciless ferocity of the Parisian apache , and he was unarmed.
  • arch We are now near approaching the arch of do Meyo.
  • archer Let not the archer bend his bow, and let him not lift himself up in his coat of mail: and spare ye not her young men; destroy ye utterly all her host.
  • ash I see an ash -tray over there, proving you sometimes favor the weed.
  • ashe 184. Ashe , Bishop of Clogher, ii.
  • ashy There was a call, and the hurried steps of some one running, just outside the door, and Lucy Ann burst into the room, her face ashy pale.
  • bach 13 and 14 were "expressly composed in order to ridicule Bach of Hamburg."
  • beach We started back for the launch, and she invited herself to the pleasure of our company to the beach .
  • cache Did you happen on Dead Man's Cache by accident?
  • each These two did not see each other again for more than three years.
  • earache "Once it's earache , and I'm done," she said.
  • ease She was pleased that Elizabeth had called, yet her manner had a certain icy courtesy about it which made her guest ill at ease .
  • echo A sound, but not the same-not a mere echo ; and yet an echo it was, the most wonderful I had ever heard.
  • etch The only objects that the native jewellers etch into their silver work are Ezra's tomb, the native boat, the jackal, the palm tree and the camel.
  • etched Beyond them stood the softly etched outlines of the mountains, their white-blue tones blending gently into the deep blue of the sky behind them.
  • etcher In the black-and-white portrait of the etcher by F. Polonzani, we see a full-cheeked man with a well-developed forehead, the features of the classic Roman order, the general expression not far removed from a sort of sullen self-satisfaction.
  • euchre She has invited me into a euchre that meets every three weeks-fine crowd.
  • gauche He looked gauche and foolish and he worked around them trying not to get into much contact.
  • itch She felt it enter and exit, but there was no pain, merely a mild itch .
  • leach Said he, "Let not thy heart be troubled," and added, "I will go every day to the session of the leach ."
  • mach Nor am I in so desperate an estate, that I regard not what becometh of me; nor am I out of hope but one day to see my country, nor so void of friends, nor mean in birth, but there to obtain a mach to my great con'tent....
  • ocher You might see 'em all over camp, for it's August weather an' the walls of the tents an' teepees is looped up to let in the cool, daubin' the ocher on their faces an' braidin' the feathers into their ha'r.
  • peach We pitched our tents in a little grove of peach -trees below the bluff, close to the river bank.
  • peachy When it became evident beyond dispute that his old-time enemy was to take the preacher's place, "Mexico" leaned over to his pal, "Peachy" Bud, who sat between him and Tommy Tate, and muttered in an undertone audible to those in his immediate neighbourhood, "It's his old game.
  • reach They have no voice to reach the world.
  • teach They teach me that the world might be happy."
  • teacher Almost every man has had experience with a real teacher , at least once in his life-possibly only a few weeks or even days, but a bit of real teaching-when something within opened and answered as never before.
  • Ached I sleep in the room just over yours, you know, Mr. Morrow, an' my tooth ached so bad I couldn't sleep.
  • Ouch I shall never forget the exquisite spasm of pleasure his plaintive "Ouch!"
  • Archie I saw that Kato had realised; I had once come upon him and Archie drinking whisky and soda together; his eyes met mine curiously, and I fancied his lips shaped the name: "Merridew?"
  • Che "For the che-ild's sake," he remarked dramatically; and Mrs. Ess Kay looked angry.
  • Aches Children, like savages and ignorant adults, believe and invent and retail among themselves the most extraordinary and grotesque theories about the structure and functions of their bodies, the nature and causation of their illnesses and aches and pains.
  • etches Queen Victoria etches on steel."
  • OCH Och, aye, ye're right; jist talk t' me ov Him.
  • EAVE My night was disturbed by the old Hamoumi chief choosing the eave of our tent just beside my ear to say his prayers.
  • achier
  • achoo They say I'm sick, When I spit they Sayin' achoo 'Cause this type of cold is the cold they wanna catch too – Hate In Ya Eyes by chamillionaire

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