What is the correct spelling for EARCH?

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Correct spellings for EARCH

  • ache Yet, after all, the right sort o' urrants an' like that is life-an', if they do ache , 'tain't like your feet was your soul.
  • achy He thought, with an achy wistfulness, of a small hero-worshipping girl named Jennie Harper, at Serene.
  • arc Her face was slightly turned towards the open window and there was a half smile upon her lips, as if, like Joan of Arc , she was listening to voices of sweeter tone than those of earth.
  • arch Scarcely were we there before down came the remaining wall, with a crash which broke in the arch .
  • archer She could see Miss Archer later.
  • archway
  • ash Among other valuable contributions was that of Mrs. Ash , widow of the late Rev.
  • bach Well, I wish to be the Bach sort-the kind of thing that anyone ought to be able to do-only they can't."
  • beach The Poet's mother lived for several years with her sister, Miss Fytche, in Well Walk, Hampstead; but this new home was at High Beach , Epping Forest.
  • each We don't understand each other."
  • ear Powhatan seized them eagerly, turned them over and over and held them to his ear , listening while Smith explained their use.
  • earache Country earache is largely due to adenoids or to inflammation that quickly leads to adenoids.
  • earl When Gray appeared, the earl instantly suspected his errand.
  • earn But now he was better, and one day started west to earn the money the squire of Hopsville had promised him.
  • earth There is no such man as Robert Kater that I know of on earth , nor ever was.
  • earthy The Reverend Arthur looked in dismay at the mischief he had done, and taking out his pocket-handkerchief-one that had evidently been used for wiping earthy fingers before-he deliberately took first one and then the other of Helen Perowne's hands to try and remove the marks he had made upon her gloves.
  • echo The echo of the small room made it seem so different from the same call in the open fields that I think he doubted even his own voice.
  • epoch Collingwood has an epoch now in life-a landmark.
  • eresh-kigal
  • etch I think I have told you of the work upon Shakespeare she is engaged with; she has been teaching herself to etch , and has executed some charming designs, with which she means to illustrate it.
  • irish
  • itch Did it really itch that bad, or was it an unconscious excuse to see the doctor?
  • larch He slid down the crags; he dashed through the larch -wood; he jumped into the boat on the beach.
  • leach Give ear, O King, to The Tale of the Weaver who Became a Leach by Order of his Wife.
  • mach Although I do not hold, with Mach and James and the "new realists," that the difference between the mental and the physical is merely one of arrangement, yet what I have to say in the present paper is compatible with their doctrine and might have been reached from their standpoint.
  • march They are going to march right in!
  • parch Who would not burn and sicken and parch with a delirious longing to divorce himself from so vile a herd?
  • peach Stew it ten minutes, with a laurel leaf, or two peach leaves.
  • perch He must downe; Upstarts should never perch too neere a crowne.
  • reach If they are not off the trail by which you came, I can reach them.
  • search Then why not let them search ?
  • teach What would happen if his daughter began to teach them, in a house by themselves, to do nothing but pray?
  • Aitch By rights I should spell it with the aitch you, sir; but I think it best not to take that liberty, sir.
  • Ouch Took me about a year to think of it without saying "ouch."
  • Archie "An' ye wad be merrie, an' ye wad be sad, What the better wad billie Archie be?
  • Enoch For example Gummere cites Bagehot's statement, "the exact line which separates grave novels in verse like Aylmer's Field or Enoch Arden from grave novels not in verse like Silas Marner and Adam Bede, we own we cannot draw with any confidence," and thus comments: "Adam Bede remains prose, and Enoch Arden is commonly set down as poetry and there an end."
  • Erich It appeared to Lord Erich as if his brother had come to reason, and after all had made up his mind to fulfil their parents' wish.
  • OCH Och, somebody has been kilt entirely.
  • EARS There was a loud singing in my ears.
  • EARP He was not afraid of being late for the first waltz with Miss Ruth Earp , but he was afraid of not being out of the house before his mother returned.

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