What is the correct spelling for EARYER?

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Correct spellings for EARYER

  • aerie What a contrast presents itself when we compare the famous flag of the army of Italy, which the youthful conqueror, Bonaparte, carried to the Directory, with those drooping eagles who had now to defend the aerie whence they had so often taken flight to spread their triumphant wings over Europe!
  • are What are you going to do about it?"
  • area Her water communication has a vast area.
  • ares Angrily shaking his large head, around which, in spite of his advanced age, thick snowwhite locks floated like a lion's mane, he exclaimed, "Must we then really return to our Pelusium, where Ares restricts the native rights of the Muses, without having admired the noble works which arose in such mysterious secrecy here, where Arachne rules and swings the weaver's shuttle?"
  • aryan The race succeeding this one was possibly the one out of which our own Aryan race evolved.
  • dryer No, the bungalows might be safer and dryer and warmer at night; they might be cleaner and healthier and more comfortable all the time; but he wanted a tent and he meant to put it where he wanted it.
  • eared The long-eared, or eagle-owl invariably selects a dark colored stub, on top of which he appears as a part of the tree itself, and is seldom noticed; while the snowy owl, whose general color is soft gray, will search out a birch or a lightning-blasted stump, and sitting up still and straight, so hide himself in plain sight that it takes a good eye to find him.
  • earner Why should it continue to be paid out after the earner has died?
  • eerie It seemed ridiculous to suppose that Jim Baker could have anything to cause her disturbance, yet she had an eerie feeling that there was something disagreeable inside his "note," something which she would much rather not come into contact with.
  • eire It was worse that the colony was, as a whole, entirely too much like the remaining shanty areas in Eire back on Earth.
  • erase To leave head-quarters was to escape being questioned; while there was scarcely any post to which I could be sent, where something strange or adventurous might not turn up, and serve me to erase the memory of the past, and turn the attention of my companions in any quarter rather than towards myself.
  • eraser His little eyes were like steel, humorously glinting gimlets in the process of boring, the old face wrinkling up around them as pliantly as a dough eraser.
  • erie We had to cross Lake Erie on our journey.
  • err Are not you a man like others, and liable to err?
  • error Of course there will be an error in this calculation but it will be small and the result gained will be accurate enough for ordinary work.
  • essayer There left her 'sans essayer alcune cose con elle', and so away by boat to the 'Change, and took coach and to Mr. Hales, where he would have persuaded me to have had the landskipp stand in my picture, but I like it not and will have it otherwise, which I perceive he do not like so well, however is so civil as to say it shall be altered.
  • eye It is the eye.
  • frye In the course of arresting Frye, along with his brother and mother who were both objecting to the police action, the officers resorted to more force than many of the bystanders thought was necessary.
  • fryer Up, and to the office; where Mr. Fryer comes and tells me that there are several Frenchmen and Flemish ships in the River, with passes from the Duke of York for carrying of prisoners, that ought to be parted from the rest of the ships, and their powder taken, lest they do fire themselves when the enemy comes, and so spoil us; which is good advice, and I think I will give notice of it; and did so.
  • prayer A good day's stone breakin's my prayer.
  • rye The grass was yellow and, in spike, looked like ripe rye.
  • Aye But he and Cassandra were absorbed in the aye-aye once more.
  • Ere There is an irony which seems almost always to attend on those who maintain that protoplasm is the only living substance which ere long points their conclusions the opposite way to that which they desire-in the very last direction, indeed, in which they of all people in the world would willingly see them pointed.
  • Eyre Eyre but was compelled to yield to an overwhelming force.
  • ARR "With these foreigns, you know, you never know wherr they arr-these English, you know," he was wont to say, "nor wherr they arr leading you to."
  • aeries It protected the counterscarp, and was itself protected by an exterior aeries of works, while behind the counterscarp was still another ditch, not so broad nor deep as the canal, but a formidable obstacle even after the counterscarp should be gained.
  • eerier The house seemed eerier than ever, full of subdued complaints and whisperings.
  • grayer When they stepped out of the train into the still grayer gloom of Highgate, she wondered, for the first time, where he was taking her.
  • airier If they are a little stuffy, they certainly seem no airier because his landlady once sat upon a crimson sofa and read novels all day long.

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