What is the correct spelling for EASIERV?

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Correct spellings for EASIERV

  • airs I should like to try one or two of the airs.
  • alight up on
  • am on the trail
  • am on the up
  • aside He drew aside, and, feeling that it was too late now to turn his back, watched them as they passed.
  • asimov
  • assert Not a Man assert my Cause?
  • aster Aster then went up on the wall, took careful aim, and actually put out the king's left eye.
  • astir But in the quaint old-fashioned town itself no one was astir.
  • aver The savage woodland is penetrated only by this forgetful path, that passes now and then aver the bridge of a ravine, and offers to the eye on either hand the mystery deepening into wilder and weirder tracts of solitude.
  • avers
  • charges with
  • de picture
  • deserve You did not deserve this."
  • ease She spoke lightly, and succeeded in putting him at his ease.
  • eased When an image came, his mind felt eased.
  • easel And I stood where she had left me by the easel, and watched her bend over him and caress him, and I thought I was badly used.
  • eases
  • easier
  • easily Why don't you take things more easily?"
  • easing In this manner, like the fool I was, I rasped and fretted, easing my unhappy temper by letting the horse feel the rowels, and swearing at myself for a whining infant that wept for a slice of the moon.
  • easter I am now going back to my first visit to this green retreat; it was in the course of one of those Easter walks I have spoken of, and the way was through Reading and by Three Mile Cross and Swallowfield.
  • easy It's so easy, isn't it?
  • EAVE
  • erse Over the room where we sat, a girl was spinning wool with a great wheel, and singing, an Erse song: 'I'll warrant you,' said Dr Johnson, 'one of the songs of Ossian.
  • ese Ese he tell me you savvy, he tell me you no mind, tell me you love me too much.
  • essayer
  • Essie She told Mark this when he imitated the villagers by addressing her as Miss Essie and she ordered him to call her Esther.
  • ester
  • evasive
  • ever
  • osier Having carried a spear for four years now, Captain Twemlow found no comfort in his native land until he had cut the tallest growth in Admiral Darling's osier bed, and peeled it, and shaved it to a seven-sided taper.
  • osiers He took his position below, near the pond whose banks were bordered by reeds surrounded by tufts of osiers; and he amused himself by examining the colours of these shrubs, with their smooth green leaves and stalks of citron yellow, or blood red, noticing the curling water which began to foam with a gust of wind.
  • reserve
  • saver
  • serf John is his name, and he is a serf of mine.
  • serve
  • servo
  • sieve
  • user
  • xavier