What is the correct spelling for EASYR?

For the misspelling "easyr", there are several correct suggestions that make more sense. One option could be "easer", which means something that provides ease or makes a task simpler. Another possible correction could be "easry", although this word is less common and doesn't have a widely recognized meaning.

Correct spellings for EASYR

  • ease I was trying to ease the pain in my foot but it was just getting worse.
  • eased She eased his pain with words of encouragement.
  • easel They used an easel to display their paintings.
  • eases The medicine eases her pain.
  • easier It is easier to do this job than it was to find a parking spot.
  • east I live on the east side of town, across from the park.
  • easter Easter is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • easy It is easy to find what you are looking for on the Internet.
  • eraser I need an eraser for my pencil.