What is the correct spelling for EASYS?

If you've mistakenly misspelled "easys", fear not - there are a few correct alternatives. One option is "easy's", with an apostrophe indicating possession or contraction. Alternatively, you could use "eases", which is the plural form of "ease" and represents multiple instances of simplicity.

Correct spellings for EASYS

  • asks She always asks the teacher questions about the lesson.
  • Asps Some ancient Egyptians believed that asps could be used as a form of execution.
  • EARS
  • ease Due to the ease of transport, I plan to move to the city next month.
  • easels The art classroom is filled with easels for the students to use.
  • eases Drinking warm water with honey and lemon eases sore throat pain.
  • easy It's easy to get lost in the city.
  • erases The whiteboard erases easily with a dry eraser.
  • Essays My essays are finally done.
  • Oases After weeks of trekking through the barren desert, stumbling upon oases was like finding a precious gem.
  • oasis The oasis is a tranquil oasis in the middle of the desert.
  • sass She had enough of his sass and told him to stop.
  • says The news anchor says that the president will make an announcement later tonight.