What is the correct spelling for EATRY?

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Correct spellings for EATRY

  • airy To be strenuous, to hold intense views on questions that seem to you to burn, and to be treated as an airy nothing, a charming nothing perhaps, but still a nothing, must be, on the whole, disconcerting.
  • aleatory I only expressed the opinion that such an aleatory process seemed an unworthy method in arbitrations, etc.
  • art Now, tinker, where art thou?
  • artery Surely, the life artery of Paris is this Seine beneath my feet!
  • arty No arty decorations here.
  • astray The mother will get farther and farther astray with her dreams if she has nothing to do such as women like.
  • at "You didn't at first.
  • awry "Handsome as paint," replied the doctor, smiling somewhat awry under his moustache.
  • dairy I will do anything I can, but I think-that I had a right"-he faltered a little; it was so like talking to an empty Dairy -"had a right to mind.
  • deary Breakfast is almost ready;" then to Martha, "Leave the sweeping, deary , and run down to the spring for the cream."
  • dietary Since then, however, his money had given out, and he was obliged to content himself with the ordinary prison dietary .
  • eared He's as quick eared as a rabbit; dat he am.
  • eat "I can't eat supper there, Tom," he said, slowly.
  • eaten I've eaten nothing since yesterday morning, when I saw you.
  • eater Down went Jack, and presently began to rise, seeing the white belly of the man eater just above him.
  • eats Reflect, oh, M'Rua, whether the Great Spirit would not punish you for your audacity, and whether it is not enough of glory for you if you eat a small piece of Kali, the son of Fumba, the ruler of the Wahimas, and if Kali, the son of Fumba, eats a small piece of you?
  • emery Is Mr. Emery there?
  • entry Cornelia who had seen his entry was more prepared.
  • erato In the temple to them, which Lesbos became, the freedom of Erato was almost of necessity accorded to her priestesses.
  • eta I remember I was pretty mad when my Eta Bita Pie brethren headed me up in a barrel and rolled me downhill into a creek without taking the trouble to remove all the nails.
  • every The answer was on every face.
  • outre We may first read Longfellow's prose works, "Outre-Mer" and "Hyperion," and then his "Voices of the Night," besides following him in his "Life, with Extracts from his Journal and Correspondence," edited by his brother, which is one of the most delightful of books.
  • retry
  • satyr Apollo and the satyr !
  • tara We might say that all of Brittany is a Land of the Dead, and ancient Carnac its Centre, just as Ireland is Fairyland, with its Centre at ancient Tara .
  • tare The nurse saw him forthwith and escaped from him into one of the chambers; upon which the lion made for the lad and seizing upon him, tare his shoulder, after which he sought the room wherein was the nurse and falling upon her, devoured her, whilst the boy lay in a swoon.
  • taro Nothing now remained to Taro but to take his beating like a Japanese and a gentleman.
  • tarry We are not to despair because relief does not immediately appear: though He tarry , we are to wait for Him.
  • teary First, vaudeville likes laughter, and while it may be made to like tears, a teary playlet must be exceedingly well done to win.
  • tory Mr. Ransome said that all Tory Governments were bad.
  • tray Now, however, she spent some time fixing a tray with the daintiest food she knew and could procure, and took it upstairs with a certain diffidence in her manner and a rare tenderness in her faded, worldly-wise eyes.
  • trey The points in the home tables are known by their numbers, which correspond to the faces of a die, and are called: ace point, deuce point, trey point, four point, five point, and six point.
  • troy Three delegates from Strieby and Troy had walked 130 miles for want of money to pay the railroad fare.
  • try She may not be at home just now, but you can try .
  • watery Also, on the same page: "After traveling at a good rate for six hours along Bartlett's trail, we came upon his camp beside a wide lead, with a dense black, watery sky to the northwest, north and northeast."
  • Atria They placed guards that no Christian might enter within the seven atria of the Temple; and as a disgrace to the Christians, with vast clamour, with laughter and mockery, they hurled down the golden cross from the pinnacle of the building, and dragged it with ropes throughout the city, amid the exulting shouts of the infidels and the tears and lamentations of the followers of Christ."
  • Eaton I have detached a field piece to your assistance, with an escort of a few continental troops under the command of Major Eaton .
  • Emory Mrs. Emory purred with delight.
  • TR 20,000 Chango-khang mountain Tr .
  • ET Histoire et annales typographiques.
  • ATARI One instance of an Atari marrying a Rangrez is known, but usually they decline to do so.
  • ATTY Then we will have Titia and Atty to breakfast with us to-morrow.
  • eaters I have not forgotten that "The Man-Eaters of Tsavo" used to take their human toll early in the evening, but not alone had they deliberately adopted man-eating, so to say, as a profession, but long impunity had made them careless.
  • artsy No, I was probably riding in my artsy whims.
  • eatery Toward noon, he entered the cleared area which was the restaurant he had named to Isobel and squatted before the pots to the far end of the Vietnamese owned eatery , examining them with care.

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