What is the correct spelling for EAUGH?

If you find yourself struggling with the misspelling "eaugh", fear not! Possible correct suggestions include "enough", "augh", "era" or "laugh". Understanding the context and intended meaning of the word can help you narrow down the correct spelling and avoid any confusion.

Correct spellings for EAUGH

  • aug
  • aught I'm afraid I don't know aught about this topic.
  • bough The robin perched on a bough of the tall tree.
  • dough She forgot to add yeast to the dough, which resulted in a hard and dense loaf of bread.
  • each I each paid my own way to the party.
  • earth She walked on the Earth for eight hours.
  • Hugh Hugh is my older brother's name.
  • laugh She couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous joke.
  • lough She leaned over the lough to watch the ducks.
  • Pugh Hissing and spitting, Phil Pugh stalked out of the restaurant.
  • sough The sough of the wind through the trees created a peaceful atmosphere in the forest.
  • Ugh I really hope that this project is done by the end of the day, Ugh.
  • waugh Ha, ha, ha. That's hysterical. Waugh.

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