What is the correct spelling for EEIRE?

If you've mistakenly spelled "eeire", fear not! The correct spelling is actually "eerie". This word describes something mysterious or spooky and it's easy to get the extra "e" mixed up. Remember, it's just one "e" before the "i".

Correct spellings for EEIRE

  • eerie The eerie silence was broken only by the chirping of the crickets.
  • eire She bears the name of her ancestor Eire, the first queen of Connacht.
  • Ere Ere I knew it, the sun had set and the night sky had taken over.
  • erie
  • Eyre "Eyre was thrilled to reunite with her beloved Mr. Rochester after his return from his travels."
  • ire The mayor's decision to cut funding for education drew the ire of many concerned citizens.