What is the correct spelling for EEK?

If you accidentally misspelled "eek", fear not! Here are a couple of correct suggestions to put you on the right track. You could go for the word "peek", meaning to take a quick look. Alternatively, you can opt for "reek", referring to a strong and unpleasant odor. Choose the correct word and keep writing!

Correct spellings for EEK

  • eec
  • eeg An EEG is a medical test that records electrical activity in the brain.
  • Eek "Eek! That spider is crawling up your arm!"
  • eel The eel slid into the water with a hiss.
  • EEO EEO is the acronym for "Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • elk I spotted a herd of elk in the woods.
  • geek She's a famous geek in the city.
  • leek My grandma makes the best leek soup I've ever had.
  • meek Despite her talents, she was always meek and hesitant to speak up.
  • peek I'll just peek in to see what's going on.
  • reek The garbage left in the hot sun caused an unbearable reek in the alleyway.
  • seek I'm planning to seek a new job in a different company.
  • week I have a week of class left.