What is the correct spelling for EIDTED?

This word (Eidted) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spellings for EIDTED

  • added
  • aided
  • dated I followed and dated the road I hated. – Status Pools by lagwagon
  • edified He had much whispering with the parson and parish-clerk, for he is always a busy personage in the scene, and he echoed the clerk's amen with a solemnity and devotion that edified the whole assemblage.
  • edit They'll dog you with an edit Print the words the way you never said it – Message To The Soldier by Ice T
  • edited
  • editor With bubbly fine rhymes like a editor Throw them to my collection of skulls and spines like Predator – Go With The Flow by mf doom
  • elated With life exaggerated You must be so elated – Everybody Wants You by shedaisy
  • ended Just kiddin', no offend to it, finally he ended it Case dismissed but your honor, da kindly prevented it – Behind Bars by Slick Rick
  • eroded
  • indeed Indeed he is not!
  • mediated
  • sedated
  • undated
  • unedited If, as we hope, the unedited memoirs left by Rene d'Argenson will be given to the world, they will be found fully to justify the opinion of Duclos, with regard to this Minister, and the inappropriateness of his nickname.
  • united
  • Audited
  • Betided He praised Allah and gave Him thanks for his preservation; then, seeing a great village nigh hand, he betook himself thither and saw, seated therein, a very old man, whom he acquainted with his case and that which had betided him.
  • Dieted Among the Somali, barren women are dieted and dosed, and if that proves unavailing they are usually chased away.
  • Dirtied Looking into the table-drawer at which I am sitting, in search of wafers, I have found my own letter; opened, dirtied, and worn!
  • Doted
  • Eddied Both Claude and Charmian were thinking of this as they stood together, while the darkness gathered about them and the cold wind eddied by.
  • Educed
  • Elided Schmeller and other German philologists observe that a nasal has been here elided, the true ancient form being -and, -ant, or -ent.
  • Eluded
  • Emitted
  • Endued
  • Evaded
  • Idled They lay about in boats or idled, chewing their betel on the shore and landing-stage.
  • Indited It took Grace a day to get over her interview with Mr. Beresford; and when with Jael's help she was calm again, she received a letter from Coventry, indited in tones of the deepest penitence, but reminding her that he had offered her his life, had made no resistance when she offered to take it, and never would.
  • Outdid Marse Henry wanted bofe chillen to go, but dat woman outdid him, an' she faced him up an' down dat dere warn't money 'nough for two, an' dat her daughter was de fittenest, an' all dat, an' he give in.
  • Tided
  • Tidied
  • Toted But Dr. Grenfell knew that it wouldn't do for Billy to be toted off alone.
  • ETD
  • edits
  • EDT
  • dittoed
  • reedited
  • deeded
  • updated
  • outed
  • emoted

21 words made from the letters EIDTED