What is the correct spelling for EILE?

If you have mistakenly typed "eile" instead of "isle", fret not! This easy-to-make mistake can be resolved by replacing it with the correct spelling. "Isle" refers to a small island and ensuring accurate spellings is essential for effective communication.

Correct spellings for EILE

  • Bile When he saw his ex-girlfriend with another guy, his bile rose in his throat.
  • CILE
  • EIDE
  • EIE
  • Eire Eire is another name for Ireland that is often used by Irish people themselves.
  • Elle Elle is a French pronoun meaning "she."
  • Emile Emile's commitment to his community is evident through his numerous volunteer efforts.
  • EPLE
  • Exile The opposition leader was forced into exile after the government deemed him a threat to national security.
  • File I need to organize the papers in this file so that I can find the one I need.
  • Mile The athlete ran the mile in under four minutes, setting a new world record.
  • Nile The Nile river is a major source of water for many African countries.
  • Pile I need to sort through this pile of clothes before I can find my favorite shirt.
  • Rile It's easy to rile up my little brother by teasing him about his height.
  • Tile I am going to replace the tile in my bathroom.
  • Vile The taste was so vile that it made me want to spit it out immediately.
  • Wile The cunning fox used his wile to trick the farmer into giving him the chickens.