What is the correct spelling for ELCES?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "elces", it is most likely "elves". This term typically refers to magical creatures from folklore known for their association with Christmas. However, please ensure the context of your usage to ensure accuracy.

Correct spellings for ELCES

  • Aces She always plays her cards right and ends up with aces in her hand.
  • ALES The craft beer festival featured ales from over twenty different breweries.
  • aloes I love the smell of aloes.
  • eases I found it to be an eases to get my work done when I stayed at home.
  • educes
  • elates
  • elders In many cultures, elders are respected and looked up to for their wisdom and experience.
  • Elias Elias is a common Filipino name.
  • elides The edited version of the article elides several important details.
  • Elites The elites think that they know best.
  • elks The elks were grazing in the meadow near the lake.
  • Ellis Pete Ellis, who founded the company, is retiring in a few months.
  • ells The jar held a few ells of sugar.
  • elms The street was lined with majestic elms.
  • elopes After years of planning their escape, the couple finally elopes to the Caribbean to get married in private.
  • else I don't have any plans to do anything else tonight.
  • eludes The solution to the puzzle eludes him, despite his best efforts to figure it out.
  • elves Elves often live in forests and love the twinkling of stars in the sky.
  • emcees The emcees introduced each performer with enthusiasm and kept the audience engaged throughout the event.
  • Helices The structure of DNA is in the form of a double helix, consisting of two intertwined helices.
  • ices Her coffee was cold but her heart was ices.
  • laces The laces on my shoes are untied.
  • Oles
  • places I hope to visit many different places in my lifetime.
  • slices I like to have my toast with slices.
  • ulcer The wound on his leg turned into an ulcer and required immediate medical attention.
  • Ulcers They had a nasty infection on their ulcers.