What is the correct spelling for EMAGE?

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Correct spellings for EMAGE

  • adage But, as Captain Montagu Burrows, R.N., mentions in his most interesting book on the Cinque Ports, Tenterden Steeple was not built till 1462, and 'was not in the popular adage connected with the Goodwin Sands, but with Sandwich Haven.
  • age Not that she had any reason to be ashamed of her age . A different performance with every age So open up the history book to any old page – Give the People What They Want (Live) by the kinks
  • amaze He described the operation in some detail, Kate watching him in amaze . And all the country heard thee with amaze. Not ended then, the passionate ebb and flow, The awful tide that battled to and fro; We ride amid a tempest of dispraise. – Douglass by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • amigo Becodar has large transactions with Providence, mio amigo , said Sherry. Don't be mad I'm lookin out for my amigo You wanna copy my style go to Kinko's Watch me reload it just like Carlito My style so dope they should label it illegal – Cuban Necktie by cypress hill
  • damage Three shells giving out coal-black smoke, and bursting with a terrific crash, were fired at our beach to-day, but, as far as I know, without damage . So check it, you know I come to wreck it, I do much damage And like Don King, you can't manage – Really Livin' by Rascalz
  • eager He ran so quickly in his eager haste that Little Sister had not time to catch him, and she did not dare to call aloud. I'm off home I'm shy but eager Tomorrow comes I hope to see her – Points Of View by squeeze
  • edge She read The Explorer, fascinated in a shivery, uncanny way by the first line, as though a ghostly voice were whispering to her from the black corners of the cave: "There's no sense in going further-it's the edge of cultivation." I WANDER by the edge Of this desolate lake Where wind cries in the sedge: i{Until the axle break – He Hears The Cry Of The Sedge by William Butler Yeats
  • email Members of the Committee are appointed by Wales either in person or email following advisory elections; Wales generally chooses to appoint arbitrators who were among those who received the most votes. She says I caught you, I went through your e-mail He says it's getting so hard just to be male – Bright Grey by joe jackson
  • emcee Bronze Nazareth (born Justin Cross in Grand Rapids, Michigan) is a hip hop music producer and emcee associated with the Wu-Tang Clan. The heavy weight champ female emcee Girls say they different but uh see – Notorious K.I.M. by Lil' Kim
  • emerge We remained at quarters a full half-hour, expecting each instant to see the long lines of soldiers emerge from amid the fringe of foliage which partially screened their encampment, and yet the advance was delayed. And one fact to emerge I play the foolish clown The almost virgin Who sing this dirge – I'm Breaking Down by Unknown Author
  • emigre Alexander sponsored Byzantine church projects by emigre architects in Belgrade, Lazarevac, Požega and other towns.
  • emile "Did my little Emile tell you he was an avocat, mademoiselle?" she asked.
  • emote Tabula Rasa Collectors Edition — exclusive in-game character emote , dye recipes players can use to create unique armor colors, and a unique pet.
  • homage She was the same age as her husband and had, without question, worked faithfully, long hours, through the long years, in homage to her sense of housekeeping duties.
  • image "I have not been able, all day," said he, "to get the image of that poor woman and her daughter out of my mind.
  • imago Mr. Stainton, who has paid such close attention during many years to the smaller moths, informs me that when he collected them in the imago state, he thought that the males were ten times as numerous as the females, but that since he has reared them on a large scale from the caterpillar state, he is convinced that the females are the most numerous.
  • mag "It's Gawd's truth, mum, I don't know where 'e is," Mag protested earnestly.
  • magi They appear to have been merely groups representing a particular incident of the New Testament, namely, the adoration of the Magi ; for I find no other in which the mother is seated with the infant Christ, and this is an historical subject of which we shall have to speak hereafter.
  • make The argillaceous slates or clayey slates make a smooth surface, but one which is easily destroyed when wet.
  • marge (the sea line constantly expanding and always being circular), until the ship comes in sight, when it lingers "on the marge ," the edge of the sea, weeping with the piteous cry-
  • meager Ormsby overheard but a meager half of the wire conversation; and the excitement, whatever its nature, was at the other end of the line.
  • merge She could not make out more than the vague outline of his figure now as he stood still, his body seeming to merge into the great trunk of the tree.
  • omega They finally devised an insignium consisting of the Greek Omega in a circle of stars.
  • osage I spoke of the Burr Oak Lyceums, of our life at the Osage Seminary, and of the boys and girls we had loved, but he was not disposed, at the moment, to dwell on them or on the past.
  • remake Mr. Langhope stared: he was always adventurously ready to unmake plans, but it flustered him to be called on to remake them.
  • usage He commenced his administration, according to usage , by a speech to the Council.
  • Imaged By targeted the drug-loaded microbubble with ligands that bind to a specific cell type, microbubble will not only deliver the drug specifically, but can also provide verification that the drug is delivered if the area is imaged using ultrasound.
  • Madge "Five minutes won't matter," said Madge .
  • images Their apprehension of the marquis's displeasure was lost in a stronger feeling, and they resolved no longer to remain in apartments which offered only terrific images to their fancy.
  • Emacs As a result of Emacs making frequent use of multiple modifiers, which are easy on the space-cadet keyboard, it is substantially harder to use on modern keyboards, whose layout generally follows the Model M IBM PC keyboard, where the modifier keys are not grouped together and thus are harder to press together.
  • AMIGA The small bookcase under the desk was stuffed with magazines like Compute and Australian Communications, along with a few Commodore, Amiga and Unix reference manuals.

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