What is the correct spelling for EMITT?

If you meant to type "emit" but accidentally spelled it as "emitt", fear not! Auto-correct to the rescue! Thankfully, your device should recognize the misspelling and suggest the correct spelling. Just click on the suggested word and voila! Your message's meaning will be crystal clear.

Correct spellings for EMITT

  • amity The two neighboring countries agreed to a treaty of amity to ensure peaceful relations.
  • emir The emir was dressed in traditional robes and welcomed us to his palace.
  • emit
  • emits The car emits harmful exhaust fumes.
  • Emitted The car emitted a loud noise when it started up.
  • emitter The radio tower is a powerful emitter of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Emmett I can't believe that Emmett is going to be at the party.
  • emote
  • EMT She was an EMT for over 20 years.
  • enmity The two species had an enmity that lasted for centuries.
  • matt Matt likes to eat pizza every Friday night.
  • mit
  • mite A mite is a tiny arthropod that can sometimes cause skin irritation in humans.
  • mitt The Mitt Romney campaign office is in Boston.
  • Mitty There was a mischievous little girl named Mitty.
  • mott
  • mutt
  • omit I accidentally omit one of the ingredients when I was baking the cake.
  • remit I should have sent the money yesterday, but I forgot to remit it.

15 words made from the letters EMITT