What is the correct spelling for EMOIR?

If you typed "emoir" instead of "memoir", don't panic! Autocorrect mishaps are common, but here are some correct suggestions to save the day. "Memoir" is the correct spelling for a written account of personal experiences, so be sure to double-check your spelling and remember the 'm' instead of 'e'.

Correct spellings for EMOIR

  • amour She was swept off her feet by the intensity of their nouvel amour.
  • email Send an email to tommorrow@company.com.
  • ember The last ember of the fire slowly died, leaving us in complete darkness.
  • Emil My grandma always wears Emil flowers in her hair.
  • emir Iran's new emir, Hassan Rouhani, has promised to revive the ailing economy.
  • EMIRS She had emirs seated at her side.
  • emit
  • Emory Emory University is a premiere university in the United States.
  • emote Actor's job is to emote and make the audience feel the character's emotions.
  • meir The meir ripped the fabric of her blouse and cursed under her breath.
  • memoir Martha shared her memoir, "Living Forward," with her friends.
  • Mir The Mir space station orbited Earth for a total of 15 years before it was intentionally deorbited in 2001.
  • MOI
  • moor The moor superstitions are nonsense.
  • muir John Muir was a naturalist and conservationist who fought to preserve wilderness areas such as Yosemite National Park.
  • ymir I have a knife with a ymir handle.