What is the correct spelling for EMOIRE?

If you meant to type "emoire" but realized it was a misspelling, fear not! The correct term you're probably referring to is "moire". Also known as watered silk, it exhibits a wavy pattern. It's always wise to double-check spellings to avoid any confusion or inaccuracies.

Correct spellings for EMOIRE

  • bemire I don't want to bemire myself in that political controversy.
  • eire She watched the eire fox cross the road.
  • emigre My grandfather was an emigre from Europe who came to the United States in the 1950s.
  • emile Although emile was originally designed as a vehicle for transporting goods, the small townspeople quickly adopted the horse and buggy as
  • emir Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa al-Munajjid, Emir of Qatar
  • EMIRS The emirs of the Arabian Peninsula were powerful rulers who were respected and feared by their subjects.
  • Emory The Emory University Library has a vast collection of books.
  • emote The actor had to emote a range of emotions during the intense scene.
  • empire The Roman Empire once controlled vast territories across Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • mire The company found itself in a mire of legal troubles after their data breach was revealed.
  • Moira My mother was Moira and my father was Rob.
  • moire My coworker's hair had a moire pattern.
  • moore The town rests on a fertile plain and is named for the statesman and prohibitionist, James Moore.
  • more I need to eat more fruits and vegetables for a healthier diet.
  • umpire The umpire made a controversial call that resulted in a heated argument between the two teams.