What is the correct spelling for ENERG?

If you're struggling with the misspelling of "energ", worry no more! Here are some helpful alternatives to consider: energy, energize, energetic, energetics, energizer. Remember, double-checking your spelling always leads to clearer communication. Stay confident and accurate while expressing your thoughts!

Correct spellings for ENERG

  • eeg I took an EEG to see if I had a brain tumor.
  • emerge I had to emerge from the mask after revealing my true identity.
  • ene Irene wants to paint the ene sky with her perfections.
  • enema My aunt always gives me an enema before dinner.
  • enemy I have an enemy who I will never forget.
  • energy She was bursting with energy.
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  • erg An erg is a unit of energy used in physics and engineering.
  • inert I found the toy in the attic, it's inert.
  • NEG The NEG team argued against the affirmative team's proposal.

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