What is the correct spelling for ENGED?

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Correct spellings for ENGED

  • aged The aged father never came back.
  • angel What, then, do we read elsewhere about the Angel of Jehovah?
  • anger Anger had been spent before, on another of those who had 'known it all the time.
  • angled Capillitium of very slender tubules, radiating from numerous points of the columella, forming a delicate net-work of very small meshes, scarcely expanded at the angles; the nodules of lime small, not numerous, roundish or obtusely angled , white or yellowish.
  • avenged To punish the child, to be avenged upon the children's children, for sins which are not their own?
  • edged While the conversation went on between the two girls the one old man was going over a pile of ragged-edged music on the piano, while the other was industriously engaged with a troublesome E string.
  • enact The tragedy she has witnessed must enact itself once more for Euthykles and her, he writing as she dictates.
  • encode
  • end And you will see right in the end .
  • ended And with this the conversation ended .
  • engaged Not if you were engaged ?
  • enid Now Enid , her service ended, had left them to their talk; but the Earl, rejoicing that so noble a knight should seek his daughter's love, promised that, with the maiden's consent, all should be as the Prince desired.
  • enkidu
  • enraged Stas at first wanted to take part in it, but it occurred to him that he could not leave Nell alone among the excited and enraged negroes; so he remained.
  • enter It's your own fault if you would drive me to enter here by force.
  • fanged Now, however, from some vague reason or clouded instinct, she was prepared to be as stiff as the fanged stalk of a cactus.
  • inge Graham, Winship and Plesanton led the movement on the left of the road, whilst the captain, with Inge , Stevens and Sackett, bore off to the right.
  • ingot Then, through the door which led to the silver street, I saw more of the creatures, and more,-a soft, hurrying crowd patting over the ingot blocks which paved the road, peering in at the door, beckoning with webby fingers.
  • unfed This madman, as the people say, Who breaks his tables and his chairs To feed his furnace fires, nor cares Who goes unfed if they are fed, Nor who may live if they are dead?
  • unwed Now, strange to say, though the haughty Princess was thus beautiful and wealthy, she was still unwed .
  • Banged I rather precipitately upset the office boy's theory of etiquette and literally banged into his office.
  • Bunged There you are with a face like a war map and one leg all bunged up, and here am I without a scratch.
  • Dunged Hast thou been digg'd about and dunged too, Will neither patience nor yet dressing do?
  • Egad Egad, I can answer for it, mine hasn'tbeen flourishing latterly, and yet I have heard of no benevolent plan on foot to aid or release me!"
  • Egged In July, Prince Leopold accepted the crown, egged on by Bismarck, and with the fiction of the approval of King William as head of the Hohenzollerns, as distinguished from his position as King of Prussia.
  • Eked One moment she had visions of pleasures hitherto denied her in a solitary career, eked out on a wholly inadequate pittance doled out to her monthly by her dead mother's solicitors in far-off New York.
  • Endued Why was I endued with an intellect-with a heart to feel-a soul to meditate on things great and glorious-with powers of mind which I am conscious are but in embryo, and which but await separation from this frail body to comprehend some, if not all, the great mysteries of nature!
  • Ensued A dead calm ensued.
  • Envied The weather was so fine that I almost envied my companion, and longed to follow him in his walk.
  • Hanged Hanged if I know.
  • Inked Then, as he walked in the cool silence beneath the dark firs, he held her letter to his lips-kissed the inked crosses that she had set as marks to represent her kisses-counted and kissed them and counted them until his hot tears blinded him.
  • Longed We were as enthusiastic as soldiers on the eve of a longed-for battle.
  • Lunged The weeping girl cast one startled glance toward her from a pair of wet blue eyes, lunged by her without speaking and, breaking into a run, turned the corner and disappeared from view.
  • Ranged He glanced at the bottles ranged upon the shelves behind the bar, drew in his breath for speech, let it go in a sigh, and walked out.
  • Urged "Come, boys," he urged, "don't keep me waiting.
  • Ganged One day, we set upon a caravan, but they put us to flight and wounded some of us and took the lad and ganged their gait.
  • ENG 208, 594, Leyden, 1627; 'Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society,' Eng .
  • bonged
  • reneged But having reneged on the Nowhere Journey in favor of a stranger twice his age who now carried his, Alaric's, face, had engendered some annoying complications.
  • anted
  • danged He came close and whispered into her ear: "Am goin' t' thry danged hard t' take th' heart as well as th' throuble!"
  • tonged
  • filterings

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