What is the correct spelling for ENOUGN?

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Correct spellings for ENOUGN

  • anion The difference of conductivity of the salts in the series is the same whichever anion is used, i.
  • benign The event made a stir far and wide; it was evident that the benign wisdom of an amiable priest, within the space of two short years, had succeeded in overcoming the stubborn resistance which had braved the tyranny of centuries.
  • ending She was perhaps one of those who won't say anything, and everybody has in his mind more than one; reason for ending his life....
  • enjoin As he came out she raised a finger to her lips to enjoin silence, and led him down the corridor.
  • ennui We were not absolutely in any kind of danger; but we were the victims of sickness and ennui .
  • enough Mrs. Maule has been good enough to give me a sitting-room.
  • ensign Colin Campbell, not yet sixteen, had joined the army as ensign ; and the battle of Vimiera was about to begin.
  • ensuing Following the habit of the camel, we managed to take enough water before starting to keep sufficient liquid in the stomach and veins for the ensuing day's march.
  • eon 51. Eon , Chevalier d', present to Wilkes, iii.
  • inning The inning was over, but Patten was in a bad way.
  • ionian And such will be the case with the Ionian Islanders.
  • known How long have you known him?
  • neon They, he, a single homeless woman who rented out babies to increase the chances of getting more substantial alms, two dogs copulating, and all, were dwarfed in advertisements for shark fins for the man with refined taste, Electric piecemeal billboards for Singh Beer and cellular telephone companies with new images rotating with the pieces, plain billboards of pimpleless white skinned Thai models selling or hustling some facial cream, flashing and mutating signs advertising various self-improvements seminars at different universities and at the Convention Center, neon animations of Barcelona's Bangkok tour for the Invitation Cup Football Match, and advertisements for every international and domestic product imaginable thrust into the hands of consumers in the form of flyers.
  • noon We'll have to wait until noon .
  • noun Our two toboggan men were possibly vigilant and reassuring beyond the common, but one was quite silently so; the other, who spoke a little English, encouraged us from time to time to believe that they were "strong mans," afterward correcting himself in conformity to the rules of Portuguese grammar, which make the adjective agree in number with the noun , and declaring that they were "strongs mans."
  • nun Which would have shown that she was not always a nun breathless with adoration during religious exercises.
  • onion Season with grated onion , pepper and salt, and a little butter, and heat thoroughly.
  • renown Because my good uncle did not suspect that you were only trying to win fresh renown by new couplets.
  • tenon In addition the tenon saw was generally backed in iron and the sash saw in brass.
  • union Yes, this is your room at the Union House.
  • xenon Most planets are not worth it, but Xenon was.
  • Enduing And the Sun, the monarch of the heavens, often identified with Mithra, was regarded as the special patron of kings, enduing them with irresistible power, and guarding their lofty destiny.
  • Non You will not dance non, I s'pose.
  • Enos "Yes," Za agreed, glancing back at the Reverend Enos Shackelford.
  • Eton At the end of two years the boy was withdrawn from Eton and once more entrusted, as he had been before, to the care of an intelligent tutor, and to teachers of foreign tongues.
  • ENG See my article in the "Eng.
  • ECON Johnson, A. S., "Davenport's Econ omics and the Present Problems of Theory," Quarterly Journal of Econ omics, May, 1914, and American Econ .
  • ANON Those clouds seemed to promise wind and perhaps snow anon; but there was nothing to hinder our operations.
  • Enron The next year, Enron moved the companys headquarters to Houston, Texas and as one of the major corporate employers in Omaha, placed 19 office buildings in the area for sale.

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