What is the correct spelling for ENPOINT?

If you're looking for alternatives to the misspelling "enpoint", there are several correct suggestions. "On point" or "in point" are both valid expressions conveying accuracy or relevance. Another option could be "en pointe", which refers to the ballet term for dancing "on the tips of one's toes". Choose the appropriate phrase based on the intended context.

Correct spellings for ENPOINT

  • anoint The pastor will anoint the sick person with oil for their healing.
  • appoint She had to appoint a new manager for the project after the previous one resigned.
  • endpoint The endpoint of this project is to enhance user experiences.
  • gunpoint The robbers held the store clerk at gunpoint and demanded that he empty the cash register.
  • pinpoint It's important to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem in order to find the best solution.