What is the correct spelling for ESENES?

If you have mistyped "esenes", the correct spelling could be "essees". Another possible suggestion might be "essenes". Both alternatives refer to the Essenes, a Jewish sect that existed during the Second Temple period. Verify the intended word in context for accurate spelling and meaning.

Correct spellings for ESENES

  • Edens The garden was once one of the Edens of the world.
  • emends The writer made some emends to the article before submitting it for review.
  • epees The fencing team each brought their own epees to the match.
  • espies
  • essences The essences of lavender and vanilla blend together perfectly in this candle.
  • Essene The Essenes were a Jewish sect that existed during the Second Temple period in ancient Israel.
  • Estes Estes Park in Colorado is known for its stunning mountain views and outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • evened After several adjustments, the surface had finally evened out.
  • evener She used an evener to distribute the cake batter evenly into the cupcake tins.
  • evenest
  • evens She evens her breathing as she prepares to give her speech.
  • events The company is organizing multiple events to celebrate its anniversary.
  • genes Our genes determine our physical characteristics and can also play a role in our susceptibility to certain diseases.
  • Menes Menes is credited with unifying Upper and Lower Egypt and creating the first dynasty.
  • resends He resends the mail to the recipient after realizing that he had sent it to the wrong email address.
  • resents She resents her neighbor for winning the lottery.
  • scenes The movie director spent hours carefully selecting the perfect scenes for the film.
  • sees The eyewitness sees the suspect entering the building.
  • seines The fisherman cast their seines into the sea, hoping for a bountiful catch.
  • sends He sends his love and best wishes to his family on their special occasion.
  • sens
  • senses As a baby develops, so will their senses, starting with sight and hearing.
  • sexes The school is providing separate education programs for both sexes.
  • sines
  • SNES I remember playing Super Mario World on my SNES as a child.
  • Usenet Usenet was once a popular platform for online discussions and bulletin board systems.
  • Usenets Usenets were popular in the 1980s and early 1990s as a means of sharing news and discussions.