What is the correct spelling for EVILL?

If you meant to type "evill" but were looking for the correct spelling, it's "evil". This word refers to something morally wrong or harmful. Additionally, you might consider "devil" as an alternative. Both words carry dark connotations, emphasizing the presence of malevolence or wickedness.

Correct spellings for EVILL

  • Avila I visited the medieval walled city of Avila in Spain last summer.
  • ell
  • evi1
  • evil Some people believe that evil exists in the world and others believe in the power of good.
  • evilly He cackled evilly as he plotted his revenge against his enemies.
  • evils There are both natural and man-made evils in the world.
  • evl
  • fill Don't fill the glass to the top, leave some space for the ice.
  • ill The doctor prescribed medicine to help alleviate the patient's ill feelings.
  • seville Seville is a beautiful city in southern Spain known for its stunning architecture and flamenco dancing.