What is the correct spelling for EVILY?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "evily", you might be referring to the word "easily". This term is often mistaken for its similar-sounding counterpart, offering a plausible explanation for the misspelling. However, "easily" accurately represents the intended meaning and is thus the accurate variant to use.

Correct spellings for EVILY

  • avidly I avidly read every new book written by my favorite author.
  • Avila I visited Avila, a beautiful Spanish city enclosed by medieval walls.
  • early She always arrives early to avoid the crowds.
  • easily She finished her work easily, with time to spare.
  • eerily The abandoned house was eerily quiet as we cautiously walked through the dusty rooms.
  • Emil
  • Emily Emily is my all-time favorite character from the TV series "Friends".
  • Evelyn Evelyn enjoyed going for long walks in the park.
  • evenly The distribution of resources should be done evenly so everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed.
  • evil Some people believe in the existence of pure evil in the world.
  • evilly The villain in the movie was constantly lurking around, laughing evilly.
  • evils The world is filled with a multitude of evils that we must learn to overcome.
  • evli
  • heavily Heavily armed police officers surrounded the bank during the hostage situation.
  • oily The floor was so oily that I nearly slipped and fell.
  • revile