What is the correct spelling for EVRR?

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Correct spellings for EVRR

  • am ears in
  • ARR No extract in brief could show his humour:- Arr.
  • aver Fitz, the harum-scarum, with his nails trimmed, was a less picturesque figure than the provincial Don Juan; but there were those who were not slow to aver that the fair equestrienne he had had the audacity to import from Vienna was quite the most romantic figure that had ever hunted with the Crackanthorpe Hounds.
  • became a fact
  • ebro While the French were gaining barren victories beyond the Vistula and Ebro, our seamen seized French and Dutch colonies and our pioneers opened up the interior of Australia and South Africa.
  • ecru In color it runs from ecru drab to hair-brown with streaks of the latter, and it is very viscid when moist.
  • eire The autumn of 1914 saw the appearance of a new Separatist paper, Eire-Ireland, which appeared as a weekly on October 26th and was changed to a daily after the second number.
  • era Our slight knowledge of the art, in its early state we owe to such records, as have been handed down to us from that which may be termed the golden era of civilisation in Egypt.
  • Ere Say you so, quoth Jack; well, I have given them both such a dinner that it will be long enough ere they need any more.
  • err We do not err if we think of Christ as our Sacrifice; nor even if we somewhat too literally think of Him as the Victim substituted for us, and ascribe to His Blood the expiatory and cleansing virtue which belonged symbolically to the blood of the ancient sacrifices.
  • error It will have an error in it due to the magnetism of the earth.
  • euro And we didn't hedge our Euro exposure and now it's going against us.
  • Eva Eva Airlines, an international flight to Japan," reiterated Nawin.
  • Evan In Wales In the Pentre Evan country where I discovered such rich folk-lore, I found my chief witness from there not unfamiliar with the ancient Celtic belief in Re-birth.
  • eve To these may be added a final word from Miss Ponsonby herself, written, on her wedding eve after her return from the Luneta.
  • even Even now he could not be sorry she was ill.
  • ever I think I like him more than I ever thought to like a man again.
  • evert Girls Boys Magtel Catharyna Gerrit Gysbert Nelletje Alida Cornelis Jausze Zelia Annatje Volkert Myndert Jannetje Christina Kilian Adrian Zara Katrina Johannes Joachim Marytje Bethje Petrus Arendt Willemtje Eva Barent Dirck Geertruy Dirkje Wessel Nikolaas Petronella Mayken Hendrik Staats Margrieta Hilleke Teunis Gozen Josina Bethy Wouter Willemtje Japik Evert But before the sun set on the expected day, it was neither one boy nor one girl, nor both; nor were all the forty-six names chosen sufficient; for the beggar woman's wish had come true, in a way not expected.
  • every All and both are collective; any, each, and every are distributive. Any makes no selection and may not reach to the full limits of all; each and every make no exception or omission, and must extend to all; all sweeps in the units as part of a total, each and every proceed through the units to the total. A promise made to all omits none; a promise made to any may not reach all; a promise made to every one is so made that no individual shall fail to be aware of it; a promise made to each is made to the individuals personally, one by one. Each is thus more individual and specific than every; every classifies, each individualizes. Each divides, both unites; if a certain sum is given to each of two persons, both (together) must receive twice the amount; both must be aware of what has been separately communicated to each; a man may fire both barrels of a gun by a single movement; if he fires each barrel, he discharges them separately. Either properly denotes one of two, indefinitely, to the exclusion of the other. The use of either in the sense of each or both, tho sustained by good authority, is objectionable because ambiguous. His friends sat on either side of the room would naturally mean on one side or the other; if the meaning is on both sides, it would be better to say so.
  • EVES All day long she had been striving to put away from her the memory of Christmas eves past and gone of her father's early home-coming from the store, a mysterious smile on his face; of Captain Lige stamping noisily into the house, exchanging uproarious jests with Ned and Jackson.
  • evil Was it possible that Wantele had been right, and that she was doing an evil thing by the man she loved?
  • Eyre He did in 'Jane Eyre,' don't you remember?
  • Ezra The origin of their hatred of the Jews is told in Ezra.
  • orr Orr and Loring on the part of the defense.
  • over "Mrs. Pache is expecting us-you and me-over to lunch," Athena said to Lingard.