What is the correct spelling for EW?

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Correct spellings for EW

  • dew "Yes," the peasant replied, "there'll be a heavy dew !" Stiller than the fields At the full dew, Beautiful as pictures No man drew. – I went to heaven,-- by Emily Dickinson
  • ea The people of Ea called her goddess; I thought her a fiend.
  • ec In enzymology, a bilirubin oxidase (EC 1.
  • ed "Now, don't quit on us, Ed .
  • em "Yes, quite a heap on 'em.
  • en They'll turn en out to-week in the field up along-beautiful grass they have there-and he'll en joy hisself a bit, and won't know nothin' about it when they finish en off."
  • er At which he shook his head and said, "Er, that is ver' bad."
  • es I said to the Marquise Aldamar, "As Jules has no idea that I am in this part of the world, let me go in alone and surprise him."
  • eu The government is wrestling with a deteriorating budget position, and is moving toward the EU 3% limit.
  • ewe If an ewe gives birth to a wild cow, revolt will prevail in the land.
  • ex Inwardly he vowed that he would never be taken alive by the ex -steward.
  • few "A few have already.
  • hew Unopposed, they break into the cathedral, and mounting on ladders they hammer to pieces the pictures, hew down with axes the pulpits and pews, despoil the altars of their ornaments, and steal the holy vessels.
  • jew So the Jew silently submitted, let the horse be led away, and paid back what we gave him.
  • kw Electricity: capacity: 12,100,000 kW production: 44 billion kWh consumption per capita: 207 kWh (1993)
  • mew The two children used to go together to peep through the iron grating at the dragon, and sometimes they would hear him mew piteously.
  • new He did not like the new nurse.
  • nw My address is 3022 Q Street NW., Washington.
  • pew He entered the church, led the horse in with him, and put him into the Squire's pew .
  • sew
  • sw
  • yew
  • Eh Ran off from you, eh?"
  • We
  • Lew Lew, did you get my turkey?
  • W
  • CW The Novice sub-bands consist of two frequency ranges; one for CW and Data operation, and the other for SSB phone operation.
  • MW The Canadian Entitlement varies from year to year, but is generally in the range of 4,400 GWh per year and about 1,250 MW of capacity.
  • PW
  • AW "Aw ees, he be old.
  • ET He is indignant at its forlorn situation; at least, he cries, it should have been preserved in the library of the monks; but I found it in teterrimo quodam et obscuro carcere-and to his great joy drew it out of its grave!
  • WW
  • OW "Ow ay-the boadies," he answered.
  • easy-going The comparatively easy-going life of the peasant was not for him, inasmuch as he was not permitted to own land, and therefore, like the Englishman, he must either work or starve.