What is the correct spelling for FAITY?

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Correct spellings for FAITY

  • cavity It terminated in a cavity just large enough for him to crouch within-overhung too, with thorn bush from above. I float like gravity, never had a cavity Got more rhymes than the Winans got family – Buggin' Out by a tribe called quest
  • fact This fact of his fear puzzled him and he had often considered the matter. Get it on and lay straight after that, it's like an natural fact When you see me you know how to react – 7 Days by craig david
  • fad But if by Radical is meant a somewhat hysterical creature, who is ready to fight for every fad that tickles his fancy, as he seems to be in some cases, or a cantankerous being whose crotchets compel him to sever himself from all other workers, as he is in others; if he is of the extreme Spencerian school, and demurs to most legislation on the ground that it is over-legislation, or of the extreme Socialist school, and demands that Government shall do everything, and individual effort be practically strangled by force of law, I am not a Radical, and hope never to be called one." Look at rap music, they said it was a fad But now it's takin over, and I'm so glad – Don't Ever Give Up by too short
  • faddy "Yes,-she has grown very faddy , I should think,-arts and crafts and all that.
  • faint Indifference continued, coldness persevered in, favors forgotten, friendship unrequited and sometimes cruel abuse-from one who has been the willing recipient of our love, bounty and voluntary aid-brings a palsying horror over the soul that thickens the purple current in the veins making the head sick and the heart faint . All colours were faint, Acquired the well-merited prefix of 'Saint,' – Merchant of Venice, The : A Legend of Italy by Richard Harris Barham
  • fair Wounds for an honest belief are not shameful, and I can only hope that in your place my son would have shown so fair a temper."
  • faith I know of no book in this direction that can claim to be a permanent success which combines a tolerable intelligibility with a simple good faith in the reader. A restless and an eager wraith, How can I tell what she will do -- Oh, I am sure of my body's faith, But what if my soul broke faith with you? – Doubt by Sara Teasdale
  • fast Who, satisfying thirst and breaking fast, Upon the fulness of the heart at last – Past And Future by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • fat So, you got a little baby fat -- It ain?t no thing, yeah Look at Twig! He?s down with that! It ain?t no thing, yeah! – It Ain't No Thing by Unknown Author
  • fate
  • fatty
  • fatuity But it is a mixture of all these-a composite order of feminine fatuity , that produces the largest class of such novels, which we shall distinguish as the mind and millinery species.
  • faulty His memory was often faulty , and his irritability hardly sane.
  • fealty He took the oath in the prescribed manner, and likewise all those present swore fealty to him.
  • feat The hardy adventurers who attempted that feat with tidings of despair were almost invariably captured.
  • feisty
  • fiat
  • fifty
  • fit
  • fitly Nothing can fitly describe it except perhaps such a pen as Victor Hugo's.
  • flit
  • forty
  • fruity
  • ft
  • laity
  • Fay
  • Footy
  • Fatah
  • Fats
  • fits
  • FUT
  • flirty
  • Fajita
  • fairy This so frightened his father and mother that in order to comfort them a Fairy , who happened to be present at the time, produced a little pebble which she told them to keep for the Prince till he grew up, as by putting it in his mouth he would become invisible, as long as he did not try to speak, for if he did the stone would lose all its virtue.
  • unpermeable
  • immoderacies
  • nowest

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