What is the correct spelling for FALES?

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Correct spellings for FALES

  • falls And the word "child" falls so softly, so kindly, from his lips, that she must needs smile.
  • false Le will believe that I am false to him.
  • fates She had hoped to be a teacher at the school, but the fates seemed to decide otherwise.
  • flies The rig is all right as long as there are plenty of flies .
  • sales She said the boys had heard at the sales ."
  • wales I had been spending some weeks at a small watering-place in Wales with some relatives of my mother.
  • Falser "I don't know which are the falser," he said to himself, "the mock courtesies or the mock indignations of statesmen."
  • Tales Only that I hate telling tales out of school, I should ask Aunt Sophia to send her back to the nursery for at least another year.
  • Faces In the faces, ah!
  • Fleas Well, now see these sand-fleas race."
  • Males Yet so soon as the spring comes on the males make their presence known by calling their defiant notes from every elm along the road.
  • flees When he hears himself accused of treason, he flees for safety to his tower, followed by his men.
  • fazes
  • flaws Mame, pull in your claws, It's simply that who else but a bosom buddy Will notice the obvious flaws! Mame: – Bosom Buddies by Unknown Author
  • fables You don't fool me with your easy lies and fables You won't see me in ten buck furs and sables – I'd Rather Be a Man by Alan Parsons Project
  • fills The screen before me fills He takes me to New York He gives me dollar bills Our children laugh all day – The Movie In My Mind by Unknown Author
  • files Like the D.A. in court I pull two of your files Better save that last dance for Julia Stiles – Rap Music by Pacewon
  • fakes Now it's the second time around, ain't no phonies or fakes Let me holler at you, trying to snake my stakes – Game Don't Wait by Snoop Dogg
  • flues
  • gales The winter rains had set in; the trade winds had shifted to the southeast, and the cottage, although strengthened, enlarged, and made more comfortable through the good fortunes of the Bunkers, was no longer sheltered by the cliff, but was exposed to the full strength of the Pacific gales .
  • flays
  • fades "Every time we make an unsuccessful attempt, the final crushing is indefinitely postponed, every time we put off the attempt, the desired result fades farther and farther away.
  • fails Thus in the soul while Memory prevails, The solid power of Understanding fails; – An Essay on Criticism by Alexander Pope
  • fuels
  • feels I know just how she feels Urleen, Wendy Jo & Rusty That's what happens when you're wearing heels All – Footloose (Finale) by Unknown Author
  • ALES
  • FARES Your news, how marvellous soever, must wait until I have greeted my right-hand daughter and learned how she fares.
  • filers
  • bales So he commissioned, according to his custom, a man who should fare to the ship and seal up the bales and set over them one who could watch and ward them.
  • dales If the folk in the dales and woodlands below had turned their eyes toward the peak just then, they would have seen her standing there in her shining raiment.
  • floes
  • foals He had a fancy to try to watch the seven foals himself, he said.
  • fells
  • vales
  • fulls
  • hales Morris and Hales , London, 1873. Also Ed.
  • pales

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